Embracing Torment and Life’s Other Troubles: Lessons From the Life of Job

Chapel began today with a video tribute to Union University and the devastation wrought by the tornados last week here and the recovery efforts here. The video was done by a student at the university and was set to the Casting Crowns song “Praise You in the Storm.” Dr. Mohler then proposed a challenge for the seminary family. by setting a goal that as a seminary we will raise between $35,000 and $50,000 to help rebuild a library on Union’s campus. There will be an offering taken at the next four chapel services in order to collect the money.

 Sermon About Hardship & Suffering: Job

Dr. Ware preached today on God’s sovereignty. Using Job 1 and 2, 38:1-7, 40: 1-9, 42:1-17, The main thrust of the sermon was to look at five lessons we should learn from the trials of Job. First, it is clear that Satan is the immediate cause of Job’s affliction. Second, it is clear that God is the ultimate cause of affliction. The third lesson we should learn from the story of Job is that because Satan, who is a morally evil being, brings about the trials and tribulations, they are truly evil. Fourth, because God is the ultimate cause of affliction, this means that He is permitting them for His good purposes. Finally, we should learn how to respond to the tragedies and difficulties of life.

After Dr. Ware closed us in prayer, Dr. Mohler came back to the podium to make an announcement. The doctors had found a benign tumor in his colon. He asked us to pray for him and has decided to withdraw his candidacy from the office of SBC president. Please pray for Dr. Mohler and his family.

Download The Sermon

You can download the sermon from February 14, 2008 here and read my fuller treatment of Dr. Ware’s sermon here.

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  1. TerryDelaney says:

    Erik Upshaw contacted me via email. He is the creator of the video tribute that was shown in chapel and can be found on You Tube. It was erroneously reported that the video was made by a student at Union University and I in turn reported the same. However, Erik is not a student a Union University. He actually attends Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN.

    I simply wanted to first make the correction and second, publicly thank Erik for that video. God is using it in a mighty way. Thank you Erik.

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