Engaging Our Culture: Roundup for 1/11/08

The feature for the second roundup of every month for 2008 is Cultural Engagement. Blogging has the potential to be a quality source of up-to-the-minute analysis of changes and trends in our culture. It has been my pleasure to assemble the following prime examples of thoughtful cultural engagement.

If Said at Southern were a newspaper, its editorial position would be pro-SBC, pro-Southern Seminary but still independent. We have been enormously blessed by Dr. Mohler‘s leadership of this institution and his faithfulness in contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. When Southern Seminary bloggers heard of Dr. Mohler‘s decision to accept a nomination to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention, there was much joy. Now I get to share that joy with you.

Next week, the roundup will have a special emphasis on gender and gender roles. Stay tuned, and don’t forget the special Racism Roundup that will be going up Monday. There is still time to be included in it; just send an email to Darth Blogmeister Tony Kummer with a link to your post.

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