Fall 2008 Southern Seminary Chapel Schedule

The new chapel schedule is live on the SBTS website. Terry Delaney will be chapel blogging again for us this year, plus he’s found a place to type during the sermons. So, they should be posted before noon rather than in the evening.

Dr. Mohler Is Bringing The Goods

When I was one campus more, I always wondered why Dr. Mohler didn’t preach more frequently in chapel. This semester he’s scheduled for seven messages. That continues the trend from recent semesters, but it still seems like a lot of preaching. Does anyone know if he’s doing a series?

Other Speakers To Watch

  • Dr. Jerry Vines, retired pastor and preaching-book writer (8/26)
  • Dr. Gene Mims, Nashville pastor and church-growth writer (9/16)
  • Rev. Daniel Montgomery, pastor of Sojourn in Louisville (9/23)
  • Dr. Johnny Hunt, pastor and SBC president (10/15)
  • Dr. Jerry Rankin, president of the IMB (10/21)

It’s a lineup with a lot of big name baptists, which is a something you should expect next semester too as we lead up to the Convention and 150 year SBTS celebrations. You can leave your reactions in the comments below.

HT: Steve “Mr. Baptist History” Weaver and Blake “Barabbas” White

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3 Responses to Fall 2008 Southern Seminary Chapel Schedule

  1. hash says:

    Glad to see daniel montgomery up there.

  2. He might be finishing his series on the Apostle’s Creed that was interrupted with the finding of the tumor last semester.

  3. Will Jackson says:

    There are some big names; but I predict now that the most talked about chapel sermon will come from David Platt. I first heard him last year when he came to chapel and have been following his sermons at his church in Birmingham ever since. The way that God has been using his preaching and leadership there at Brook Hills is amazing. I am excited to have him come and preach twice on the Great Commission, and then to have Dr. Rankin later in the semester will be icing on the cake.

    Will Jacksons last blog post..Sugar and Spice makes everything nice…looking

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