Forum: How Was Your T4G?

The massive Together For The Gospel conference is over, and everyone is exhausted. I suspect many will blog about their experiences, but I thought I would open a post for discussion too.

  • What aspect of the conference was most encouraging to you?
  • What speaker had the most impact on your mind & soul?
  • If you had to summerize the event in one sentence, what would you say?
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4 Responses to Forum: How Was Your T4G?

  1. Brother Hank says:

    * What aspect of the conference was most encouraging to you?

    The brotherhood of the gospel (the wonderfully “bloody” gospel) that was gathered in that place was a great encouragement to my soul. Just think, how many times do you get the opportunity in a year to worship God and exalt Christ amongst men and women from different denominations and churches? Sing the same words at the same time as a Presbyterian brother? Pray the same prayer with a Sovereign Grace brother? Be pierced by the same sermon as a Particular Baptist brother? I would say, not near enough.

    * What speaker had the most impact on your mind & soul?

    I think if not for R.C. Sproul’s message, the rest of the messages would not have had near the effect that they did. I felt like his message was the hinge upon which all the others turned. And on a personal level, as I read Isaiah 52 & 53 this afternoon, the weight and realization of the curse and the atonement made by Christ was powerfully present in my soul.

    * If you had to summarize the event in one sentence, what would you say?

    Let us not miss the beauty of the blood-mingled timbers, flesh-laced crown of thorns, and piercing nails that met in the atoning work of Christ Jesus, our risen Lord – the only theme, and only aim of the only true Gospel of Christ.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Together for the Gospel – Returning to Orbit

  2. Todd Young says:

    I think the most encouraging aspect of the conference was the constant meditation on the cross of Christ. We were taken to the gospel over and over, and we were reminded that without the gospel in our preaching/teaching/ministry/lives, we are wasting our time!

    I don’t know what makes John Piper speak so directly to my soul, but his message was the highlight of my week, followed closely by Mahaney, et. al. I thought Anyabwile and Sproul offered sermons that helped to enlighten me, but overall impact definitely goes to Piper.

    T4G was a glorious time of meditating on the cross and blood of Christ, whose sacrifice enables us to live radically for the glory he deserves!

    Todd Young’s last blog post..*Together* for the Gospel 2008

  3. 1) The fellowship. Actual fellowship. There was not much talk about the weather and sports that I could hear. It was mostly about what is God doing in your life and how is He working in your life.

    2) There were a few messages that had me sitting back thinking “Oh man, I need to hear this again.” However, Thabiti’s message struck home for me. I think what he said could have major ramifications if we actually thought along the lines of ethnicity rather than race. Seriously, walk into the cafeteria on campus and you will see what Thabiti is talking about.

    3) Fellowship at the foot of the cross is the sweetest of all.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..I Made It!

  4. I, for the first time, had mixed feelings about T4G.

    I hope to post about it when I get a chance to breathe.

    Bradley Cochran’s last blog post..Critical Evaluation of Bonhoeffer on Discipleship (Part 2)

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