Free St. Louis Mini Mission Trip

From Pastor Scott Lamb of Providence Baptist in St. Louis:
I’d like to invite a car-load of SBTS/Boyce guys (no gals please due to lodging constraints) to come over to St. Louis (250 miles from Louisville) and help us paint the outside of our church building. The former owners of the building must have used 1-year paint, and with winter coming we need some help to get the job done right.

If you are interested, here is the plan…
We will house you on Friday night, work you to the bone on Saturday, let Saturday night be free for you to see the city, provide lodging on Saturday night, worship together on Sunday morning, provide lunch & gas money for the return trip and wave goodbye.

There are two possible dates for this workday: either Saturday October 6 or Saturday October 20 (if the first date gets rained out).

If you are interested, please email me at ASAP.

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3 Responses to Free St. Louis Mini Mission Trip

  1. Tony,

    I just moved from St. Louis with my family. We both grew up there and still have all of our family living there. It would be a good reason for us to go home and see the folks while I get in some missions work. Sign me up!

    Also, if you get a lot of interest and need more space, my home church might be able to lend a hand to house some people. I attended Rockport Baptist in Arnold, MO. You could give Pastor Scott Lee a call at 636-464-1460.

    Keep me posted on what is happening. My family and I can drive down and we will have a place to stay with our folks unless you want me to stay with the group. Either way, I am definitely “in”.

    God bless.

  2. Scott Lamb says:

    Tony is just posting this on our behalf (Providence Baptist). Yes, I know you well via Scott Lee and his pastoral blog.

    If you are coming “home” for a visit on that weekend, then we will put you down for our Saturday workday.

    Scott Lamb

    p.s. shoot me an email if you would

  3. Garry Destin says:

    Praise the Lord ,that is awesome. I wish I was in marshfield,and I will drive down and come to help, my ministry is licensed in the State of Missouri,and We are looking to some churches to work with there.

    Please email us at or visit our website

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