Funny Video Clip: Why Baptists Are Against Dancing In Church

Although Baptists are relaxing their old southern taboos about dancing doctrines, this video clip has confirmed my worst fears about dancing in church. Warning: at 1:55 it gets really “groovy.”

Don’t Watch While Drinking Soda

HT: Going To Seminary
For the record this is an Ohio based non-trinitarian group with no ties to the SBC.

Update: I just realized that everyone else posted this video yesterday, sorry for spreading old news. Then I showed it to my wife and she wasn’t sure if I was mocking it or loving it! So, I guess I should stop making fun of people.

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7 Responses to Funny Video Clip: Why Baptists Are Against Dancing In Church

  1. Mark Warnock says:

    Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop!!!!

  2. j razz says:

    This video makes me wish to never dance again lest I should be captured on video tape and displayed for all the world to see. Thank you for helping me to solidify in my mind why I should never dance.

    j razz

  3. Larrman says:

    What is with the funky background scene…looks like The Sound of Music set left over. Now if they could have just went with traditional Holland attire…that’s funny!

  4. Kevin Bussey says:


    That is funny but it is a CULT “THE WAY”

    They tried to kidnap me in HS.

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    @Kevin Bussey: Just think, you could be a recovering cult break dancer!

  6. Talk about making some news! CBDA Cult Break Dancer’s Anonymous

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