Google Chrome: Breakthrough In Browser Tech

After about 20 minutes of research, I’ve decided to give Google Chrome a try. 

What sold me was the way it handles java script. If all goes as promised you won’t get the big lag when you launch java heavy applications such as Google Reader or WordPress.

So far it’s been a dream. I’m sure there will be some bugs along the way. If you’re using Internet Explorer you’ll think your computer has super powers. If you’re using Firefox, then you’ll probibly only notice on Java haeavy pages and when you’re browsing many-many tabs.

FYI: My Google Reader runs many hundreds of feeds and didn’t stall the browser at all. With Firefox I normally get a 3 second stall when loading.

The Story Behind Google Chrome

This is actually a big breakthrough in browser technology which will allow web based programs to finally come into their own and replace (yes replace) all the basic office software you’ve been running on your PC.

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3 Responses to Google Chrome: Breakthrough In Browser Tech

  1. Jerry says:

    I played with Chrome a little bit earlier today, and then went right back to Firefox, primarily due to the fact that Chrome doesn’t offer any add-ons (as yet) to allow me to see when I have new email.

    I am intrigued by the comment that this could replace office software. Care to elaborate?

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  2. Tony Kummer says:

    @Jerry: The biggest lag to the web based software is the browsers, they just can’t render all the java needed to power the advanced features in stuff like Google Docs. The way this new browser handles the code is really exciting. Watch the video below.

    For a beta it’s very solid.

  3. Installed it upon release today and have been in love with it. Made it my default browser within 30 minutes. I tried logging into wordpress, gmail, etc. and was sold just by how… instant it was.

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