Great Commission Lecture Series 2008

Dr. David Platt is preaching this week during the first annual Great Commission Lecture Series at SBTS.  Many will remember the last time he stepped into the pulpit and proceeded to quoted extensive praises from the book of Psalms.  This year, he is preaching Tuesday and Thursday at Alumni Chapel at 10 am and Wednesday in Heritage Hall at 10 am.  Do not miss these opportunities to be blessed and to hear one of God’s annointed bring the Word with power.  Dr. Platt is pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama.


Dr. Platt began with exhorting the various names of Jesus Christ.  He then challenged us that we have reduced him to a poor, puny savior begging us to accept him.  It is as though he needs our acceptance.  He doesn’t need us, we need him.  We need him for every breath we take.  Even if you hated Jesus, the reality is that your very breath comes from the one you hate.

He preached from Exodus 33.  He admitted that he is clueless as a pastor and father.  He shared how he and his wife adopted and then found out that they were pregnant.  They gave birth in December to their biological son, Joshua.  You need to listen to this!  He just compared helping deliver his son to a missions trip.  Now he worked Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts into his illustration.


I want to be a part of a church that shakes the nations for the glory of God.  The only problem is that I am incompetent.  I am part of a religious system that does not require any help from the Holy Spirit.  We can market the church to grow.  We no longer have to pray.  It is dangerously possible to carry on with “church” and be successful and in the end realize that the Holy Spirit has been absent.  We have been deceiving ourselves.

I believe that the greatest hindrance of the gospel is that the church tries to do the work of God without the power of God.  Are we dependant on ourselves or are we desperate for our His Power?

You know the background of where the Israelites had come from and how God had moved to work for them.  You know how they created an idol of a calf while God is meeting with Moses.

Still, God tells them to go to the Promised Land.  However, He is not going with them.  How would you respond if you were Moses?  Don’t be too quick to respond.  Is this not the exact kind of Christianity we practice today?  Pray this superstition and you will get all of this.  You don’t need him as your Lord and Savior.

Contrary to popular invitations, you don’t come to Christ to get forgiveness or heaven.  You come to Crhist to get God.  He is the goal.  We have taken the God of evangelism out of the offer and only offer up his gifts.  We must be desperate for the power of the Holy Spirit for four reasons.

Because we have an assignment that we cannot fulfill

Verse 12, Moses said to God that He has not let him know who will go with him.  Moses wants/needs God to show him how to accomplish the goal.  He is becoming desperate.  Where is the desperation in our lives?  If the call on our lives is to develop programs and build buildings, we can do that on our own.  But, when living dangerously is a reality and you take on the inner city, you need the spirit of God.  You can begin to see the depth of our incompetence if we think we can program the Great Commission.

Edwards said that only God is able to do the work of God.  No amount of resources, gifts, skills, passions, or people, a church will do nothing for the glory of God.  In fact, the church with the least of these can do more than a church with all of the resources with the power of God.  You can do nothing apart from Christ.  Do you believe this?  Do you live like this? Does this pervade all of your thoughts?

Because we have a privilege we cannot forsake

Moses talked with God face to face.  If that does not move you, then you do not know God.  IN John 15, Jesus says that he no longer calls us servants because the servant does not know his master.  Jesus calls us friends.  Did you catch that?  It is so much deeper than this.

Can you imagine being like the Israelites watching Moses as he walked to the tent of meeting to meet with God.  They stood in awe and worship because there was a man who was meeting with God in the tent.  No longer do we come out of our dwellings…we have the presence of God dwelling in us if we are believers.  How can we get so busy that we would neglect the privilege of communing with God?

The one concern of the devil is to keep people from praying.  He trembles when we pray.  We have to be desperate for the spirit.

Because we have a family we cannot forget

God told Moses that his presence would go with him. Moses replied that if God’s presence would not go with us, then do not go.  Moses had the chance to leave the people behind.  We are part of a community (a family) of faith.  We are no longer individuals.

Because we have a God we cannot fathom

Moses demanded that God show him his glory.  What a bold request especially after all that took place!  Moses showed us that once you have tasted the glory of God, you have an insatiable appetite for more of His glory.

1 Corinthians 2:10-16 helps us to see this in much more detail.  Only the spirit knows the fullness of the glory of God.  Therefore if you want to know the fullness of the glory of God, you must be desperate for the Spirit.  I did not see that in my life and my church.  If I am not desperate and the spirit is the only way to know the glory of God, then I was content to know little.  We were a church content with knowing little of the glory of God.

I ask again, are you desperate for the Spirit?  Christ does not need us, we need him…for everything.  God does not involve us in His mission because he needs us, but because he loves us.

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