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Said at Southern is much more than a blog, it’s an online community of Christ-centered learning. Here are some ways you can help out.

Comment Early and Comment Often

Like all good websites, the best content is created by reader interaction. We have some great plugins installed to reward frequent commentators with links back to their blog. But don’t stop with Said at Southern, visit the blogs we feature and join their conversations too.

Tell Us About A Great Webpage

If you know a link that would interest our readers, just send it to me via email ( If I post your idea I’ll include a thank you link to your blog.

Tell Us About A Southern Seminary Blogger

Email me ( if you know about a new faculty, student, alumni or staff blog. All blogs are reviewed for submission. Once accepted, their feed is added to our aggregation pages, they are reviewed daily for inclusion in well said, and they are added to the Said at Southern Network search.

Link To Said at Southern

Links from your blog helps our blog and indirectly all the student, alumni and faculty blogs we feature.

Write For Said at Southern

Said at Southern frequently publishes articles by guest writers. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Only submit original articles, duplicates cause issues with the search engines.
  • Write about topics that would interest seminary students, pastors or theologically minded Christians. Some ides to think about
    • Send me your book reviews
    • Blog about an on campus event
    • Share what your learning
    • Teach us how to solve problems
  • Any length is fine as long as the content is helpful to readers.
  • I usually make minor edits to posts for formating and style.

If you have a post you would like to submit email it to me as a Word document:

For more ideas read How To Be A Good Guest Blogger by and his Guidelines For Guest Posts Darren Rowse.

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