Help Wanted – Become A Said at Southern Blogger

I am looking to add several contributors to Said at Southern before the new school year. Many of the original writers have moved on with their lives. So, we need some fresh talent to keep making this blog better.

You don’t have to be someone who is currently blogging. In some ways it would be easier if you are not.

Here are the general roles I have in mind. These are somewhat flexible, but it should give you and idea of what we need.

In general, I’m looking for people who are:

  • Southern Seminary students
  • Comfortable with WordPress (or can learn)
  • Able to write with humility
  • Able to write in a conversational style
  • Able to anticipate what will be useful and interesting for the readers

Campus Events Blogger: I would like someone to attend and write about the special events and lectures on campus. These would be short summary type posts, similar to what Terry has been doing with chapel blogging. Expected posting volume: as needed

Assistant Book Review Blogger: I would like to add more book reviews to our posting mix. Expected posting volume: 3+ book review posts per month

General Contributors: I would like to find several general contributors to write featured posts/articles. These could cover academic, devotional or seminary related topics. The aim is to provide useful and unique content for our readers. What makes them featured is that they appear on the main page for up to 48 hours to generate conversation.  Expected posting volume: 2+ featured post each month

If you are interested, email

  • explain what role you’re interested in
  • why you’re qualified
  • if you already blog, what is your URL
  • what is your status at SBTS, church service, etc.
  • a phone number where I can call you

If you’re not interested . . . Since most people reading this are not going to be canidates, I would like to ask open the comments up for suggestions. What kind of content or writers would you like us to add here at Said at Southern?

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11 Responses to Help Wanted – Become A Said at Southern Blogger

  1. Andrew says:

    As a non-SBTS reader, I would appreciate content from both a theological, but not so Southern, background AND a practical (how to “do” church, how to be a good husband/father/son, etc.) perspective

    Andrews last blog post..Another totally random idea requiring your input…

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    @Andrew: Thanks for your input. Those are definitely topics we are interested. You might also enjoy

  3. I read somewhere that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. The occasional laugh (be it professor raps, priceless pics, etc) always makes for great content, and reminds us that we’re human. And I’m sure (as can be seen quite clearly in the SAS comment section) we can round up a comedian or two amidst our ranks to do a little healthy satire now and then. Seriously, we’re Baptists…if we don’t have jokes, no one does.. 🙂

    W. Hank Balchs last blog post..Speaking of the Moral Order: Literature in the Kingdom of Christ

  4. Hank, I will take that as your application 🙂

    Terry Delaneys last blog post..Not Out of the Woods Yet

  5. Terry, the only things funny about me are my looks…


    p.s. – have y’all considered a SAS fellowship to kick off the year? maybe touch base with the newbies just coming in? you know, something to spread the blogging love…

    W. Hank Balchs last blog post..Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama (oh yeah…)

  6. I think it’d be a GREAT idea to have a SAS fellowship to kick off the new school year! Come to think of it, maybe even meet more than just once during the semester would be a great idea to foster accountability in our blogs 😛

  7. Tony Kummer says:

    We’ve talked about having some kind of gathering in previous semesters, but didn’t make any plans. Can anyone suggest a place and a date?

  8. Hmmm
    How about Thursday, Aug 21, 5pm @ Founders?!

  9. John says:

    I’m trying to decide if we should start a “Said at Southwestern,” or if I should move to Kentucky.

    Johns last blog post..New Things, Part II

  10. Don’t fight the stereotype John, just bring your blogging self to Southern… 🙂

    Alex: sounds good to me!

  11. Tony Kummer says:

    @John: There is a “Straight out the of SWBTS Blogosphere” which is like Said at Southern only 1/3 as cool. So, the obvious choice for any theology blogger is SBTS.


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