Hurry, the World Needs the Gospel

Dr. Tom Elliff, an Southern Seminary alumni, and the Senior Vice President for Spiritual Nurture and Church Relations, gave today’s sermon in Alumni Chapel from Psalm 95. He gave us three mission imperatives:

  1. We should hear God. We should be listening for God’s voice through His Word.
  2. We should heed the command of God on our lives. Every day you wait to heed God is “one more day to repent of and one less day to repent in.”
  3. Finally, we are to hurry. You can only respond to God’s command today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has yet to happen.

There was much more that took place before the message today during chapel service.

First, Barak Tjader was presented with an award from LifeWay recognizing his accomplishment as a student at SBTS. The award is given to a graduating student who has been called to the pastoral ministry. Tjader is currently serving as the worship leader at Highview’s Valley Station campus.

Second, Dr. David Dockery, president of Union University thanked the seminary for the donation towards the special library that was destroyed in the tornadoes on 5 February. There was $40+ million dollars in damage to the campus in Jackson, Tn. but no loss of life on the campus. Praise God.

Finally, it was announced that Dr. Chuck Lawless, dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions has been brought on by the International Mission Board as the global consultant to the IMB for theological education. Fortunately for SBTS, he will retain his role as dean. Be sure to be praying for Dr. Lawless as this will certainly add to his already busy schedule.

Dr. Tom Elliff Sermon On Missions From Psalm 95

You can listen to the sermon here (scroll down to April 22, 2008) and can read my further treatment here.

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  1. Thank you for the news regarding Dr. Lawwless. I just had the opportunity to hear him speak at the S.A.L.T. training in Decatur, IL. It was wonderful to meet him. I would like to add my congrats to him as well.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..Nauvoo – God’s Blessing

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