In Need of Free Clothes?

I am not sure how many students are aware of the Clothes Closet on the campus of Southern Seminary, but this little treasure-trove of FREE clothing for all ages needs to be known.

For Example

I went there today and walked out with five pair of extremely nice dress slacks (easily $40/piece) and four dress shirts (easily $15-$30/piece), my children got some desperately needed shorts and my wife got a pair of jeans and a purse. Usually, there is a limit of 4 items per family, but because they are getting ready to move, there is no limit. I am not sure how long this will last.

Dr. Whitney On Thrift Clothes 

I realize some people have an aversion to buying “thrift clothes,” but as Dr. Whitney says, “Chances are every item you are wearing at this moment has been worn many times previously.” Check out his article entitled Clothing Tips for Ministers.

When Are They Open?

The Clothes Closet and The Attic (furniture and small appliances) are open all year long. The Attic is located in Fuller Hall, Room 11 and is open Monday (9-1); Wednesday (2-5); and Thursday (2-5). The Clothes Closet is currently located in Fuller Hall, Room 16 (with another smaller room for children’s clothes located on the first floor that they will be pleased to show you) and is open Tuesday (2-5); Thursday (2-5); Friday (9-1).


Donations are accepted Monday-Friday from 9-1 and 2-5. They could also use volunteers to help organize what they get in each week. If you would like more information please call Marge Brown at 897-4258 or you can send an email (

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  1. bryant owens says:

    My wife has donated much of her wardrobe to the closet. We moved here with way too much stuff. I hope someone can benefit.

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