Is Love For Reading An Effeminate Trait?

I ran across this interesting quote on Ray Van Neste’s children’s book blog. It is form a 1917 public school teacher’s manual. Read his whole post here.

“There is a tendency among boys and some grown people to look upon literature, especially upon poetry, as sentimental, and upon a love for it as effeminate. There is no possibility of such a feeling in the mind of a person who has been properly trained. … There is plenty of manliness in literature and abundant examples for reading which will require all the force of a trained intellect to comprehend.

We must do nothing to destroy the virility of reading, but must make it not only the instrument of study but also a means of culture. The wise teacher sees that her classes have a great variety of matter and often leads them into selections that stir the young blood of the manliest boys among her pupils. While there may be fine phrases and elegant structure in such pieces, she encourages the reader to feel the glow of heroism or to warm their souls in the fire of patriotism.”

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One Response to Is Love For Reading An Effeminate Trait?

  1. Santiago says:

    Too many confuse machismo for masculinity. The difference is often in the refinement that comes from the discipline of a good education. And the masculinity that most glorifies God belongs to those who have been well-discipled in Christ.

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