John Piper @ Southern Next Week

Tuesday, March 27th and Thursday, March 29th John Piper will be back at Southern Seminary Chapel. I was at Boyce when he came in 1999. The whole campus was turned upside down. He even spent the week visiting classrooms and taking questions. Everywhere guys were talking about his “passion.” His people handed out free cassettes at the post office. This was where I first hear “Christian Hedonism.” A week later I was reading Desiring God – then Edwards.

I fully expect some of you clever bloggers to try to get an interview with him while he is on campus. Maybe Timmy could pull it off?

To get a head start on next week’s visit I am linking two of his sermons from the Mullins Lectures in 1999. Enjoy.

Sept. 14, 1999: “Why Does Preaching Have Such a Prominent Place in Worship”

Sept. 16, 1999: “A Zeal That Accords with Knowledge”

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