Ken Schmidt: Clyde T. Francisco Award Recipient 2008

Clyde T. Francisco (1916-1981) was a professor of Old Testament interpretation at Southern Seminary. He died of a massive heart attack while preaching in Helen, GA.

Ken Schmidt, the 2008 Clyde T. Francisco Award recipient preached the chapel message today in Alumni Chapel from Matthew 18:21-35. The main thrust of his sermon was the necessity of forgiveness in the church body. There were four main points to his message:

  1. We must not be passive aboud dealing with sin
  2. There is a very real possibility that you will be sinned against by another brother
  3. If we are not characterized by forgiveness, there is a good chance that we have not experienced God’s forgiveness.
  4. Failing to forgive shows us to be a liar about God and blasphemes the gospel–it may kill the church or missions agency where you are serving at.

You can listen to Ken’s message here.

Board of Trustees Meeting

Dr. Mohler made a couple of announcements today regarding the spring meeting for the board of trustees. First, Dr. Gregg Allison was elected to be professor of theology.

Second, an enormous project was unanimously approved to enable SBTS to be a more visitor-friendly campus. The first major change will be to add a large tower to show where the entrance (on the half circle) is for the seminary. There will also be a small welcome house at the entrance that will be manned during major events in order to help direct traffic.

A second major change will be the addition of a rotunda and carport drop-off entry way where the loading dock is now located. There will be a theater located inside that has a running “infommercial” of SBTS. The admissions office will be moved there along with the campus security with video surveillance.

The third major change will be with the Founder’s Cafe. It will triple in size and become a two level cafe for study and fellowship. The new Founder’s Cafe will be all the way to the center of the Honeycutt Center (up to Dillard’s Chapel I believe) and will overtake the study lounge on the second floor. Across the hall where the “additional seating” is now located will be expanded and renamed the Edgar’s Center (in honor of E.Y. Mullins, our 4th president).

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10 Responses to Ken Schmidt: Clyde T. Francisco Award Recipient 2008

  1. Exciting announcement about Founders, I look forward to seeing some plans for that. We’ve been struggling for space to showcase some of the creative abilities of our student body, but I think this would be a wonderful place to adorn the walls with paintings that proclaim the beauty of God and his creation. They could have the artist’s information posted with the artwork to send them some publicity/business. I’m looking forward to fighting for this to become a reality.

    Logan Mauldin’s last blog post..Updated 2008 Summer Movie Calendar

  2. Ben Bartlett says:

    The Founders thing sounds great… any chance they could put WiFi in there?

    Ben Bartlett’s last blog post..Proactively Vulnerable

  3. Wow. Good changes. Dr. Allison is my favorite proff. I’m glad he was elected proff of theology. Even more than his profitable teaching style, he is one of the most personable of the proff’s at Southern (I find him to be anyway). When weekday’s are in full swing, the Founders Cafe is usually crowded. This will be a wonderful change also. I’m all for a huge tower too. I say we just go ahead and build a skycraper!

    Bradley Cochran’s last blog post..Critical Evaluation of Bonhoeffer on Discipleship (Part 2)

  4. Toney Sauls says:

    i am excited about the changes. it stinks to lose the study lounge in Honeycutt, i use that area all the time. that is the last place on campus that you can go and read without having to “be somewhere (i.e. library, 5th & broadway, founders).”

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Terry – Thanks for giving us the info on all these changes. I’m with the others, I hope they upgrade the WiFi too.

  6. Toney – It seemed to me that the study area will remain a study area similar to the one across the hall. The way it looked on the presentation led me to believe that it will be more like a Starbucks except with the understanding that more studying will be going on upstairs than down.

    Ben – I am not sure about WiFi–I can ask around and see what they are saying (then again, who am I?).

    Logan – I personally like the idea of student art work as long as it is centered on Christ and the Creation and all that. They did not say anything about the decor in chapel nor on Towers Online.

    Bradley – I had Dr. Allison last semester for Systematics 1. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and h is style. What was even better were his luncheons that he had three or four times throughout the semester.

  7. Toney Sauls says:

    terry – from what i understand, the study lounge upstairs is gone, being annexed to the cafe. i am not sure how it will work out, but it sounds like they are incorporating the study area into founders. that is why i am disappointed. i have no desire to study in a coffee shop (its harder to sneak zzz’s when i should really be reading!).

    i am sure it will work out for the best. funny though how much things have changed in the two years i have been here (cafeteria, copy center/post-office, class schedules). it will be interesting to see this place in a year.

    have a good weekend.

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    Someone should blog about all the great places to nap on campus. I’ve used that upstairs study lounge myself. It’s usually very nice. I’ll be sad to see it go.

  9. Toney – I see what you mean about napping. I am sure then I have “met” you a couple of times in the study lounge. I am not one to take naps though (I am afraid of what I might say in my sleep). I agree about it being interesting to see this place in a year as well. There are going to be some radical changes to everything I am sure given the anniversary and the convention meeting here and all.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..6 Years Ago Today I Married Over My Head

  10. Toney Sauls says:

    Tony – i can tell you the best place NOT to nap is the library. those couches feel like they belong in Fred Flinstone’s living room. seriously, how is a young, aspiring theologian supposed to learn the great and deep mysteries of God by osmosis on such lousy furniture! i have been known to nap in my car in the parking lot too. the best overall place is the seminary lawn (when it is warm of course). nothing beats the warm sunshine in your face and the sound of children playing around you -peaceful.

    i too am curious to see if anyone has a favorite place to catch some zzz’s.

    Terry – we probably have seen each other in there. about the convention and anniversary -this place will be a zoo! i mean that in a good way. it will be fun and good story-telling material for my children and their children… “i remember back in 2009 when the SBC convention was in louisville. ya’ll kids know i was just an Mdiv student then, not a multiple Ph.D like i am now…”yeeeeeees grandpa.” then enters my wife, “Toney! are you telling that story AGAIN? “well, what do you expect women, you know i am OLD, restless, and reformed!””now, who wants to hear a bedtime story out of Grudem?”

    yep, definitely exciting stuff ahead!

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