Richard Land on GOP ’08: No Rudy, No Way, No How!! Roundup for 10-26

The Police “ten-code” for a 10-26 is “Detaining subject, expedite.” Ironically, last week’s roundup was so full of Osteen and Hybels that other important subjects did have to be cut and deferred to this week. Up first: Politics. Richard Land was quoted in Newsweek recently, and he threatened to vote for a third party if Giuliani won the Republican nomination.

Headline #2, not quite as recent news, but significant nonetheless, is Wayne Grudem’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

And here is some of the other high quality political blogging I’ve come across recently.

Chapel Bloggers

A couple of Southern Seminary bloggers have put together good work on Altar Calls and/ or the Invitation System.

Gender Bloggers:

Christian Subculture; When Brethren in Christ act in puzzling ways, bloggers are there. Of course, sometimes it is the bloggers themselves who are doing bizarre things in the name of Christ. I’ll let you, the reader be the judge.

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  1. * frustrated because he could not find Erickson or Berkhof’s take on the 2008 election.


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