Last Week’s Roundup

This is actually the roundup that would have gone up last week. We decry gnosticism in all its forms! This spiritual is inseparable from this physical, and your friendly neighborhood Roundup Redactor was quite ill this past weekend, even too ill to blog (gasp!). Fortunately, the Kummeropolis asked me to do two roundups this week instead. So here goes…

Even though it means an inordinate number of posts from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood wind up in the Roundup, I enjoy reading and sharing these good thoughts about gender roles in today’s world.

  • Matt Hall reflects on the increasingly amorphous meaning of marriage in our society.
  • Lead School Dean Randy Stinson painted a picture of boys adrift that struck very close to home.
  • The good Dr. Stinson also put up an amusing story of a police department disciplining its officers by forcing them to wear a pink “Hello Kitty” armband.

Sometimes in our church culture, we have a tendency to recount our struggles with sin in a way that glorifies ourselves. The following posts represent bloggers reflecting on different types of sin, and do not glamorize the sin or the sinner.

O that we would abhor the sin in our own lives, that we would be quick to remove the plank from our own eyes!
CHBC Weekender

  • At least one Southern blogger attended the most recent 9Marks Weekender at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Noah has provided us with his recap.

Good Ol’ Boys

  • Owen has been ruminating (here and here) on how a man should decide upon a career.
  • Kummeropolis proclaims the age old truism and epithet that “your children are going to be just like you.” He warns us of the social consequences of calvinism (be vewy vewy scared) and has completed yet another podcast, this one with Dr. Allison. Kummer confesses his love/hate of Veggie Tales. And as a parting shot, Tony Kummer would like the world to know that he has a cooler 404 page than you do.
  • Brother Brister has been prolific as usual. Isn’t he taking five classes? This doesn’t seem sustainable, man! Honestly, where does he find the time to examine unregenerate church membership, appraise blogs, meditate on livestock, pitch a hermeneutics book, and quote the SBC’s NOTORIOUS T.O.M. on the Pastor as Theologian idea. To what extent is this avalanche of his own making? He always seems to find some way to pull things through and smell like roses at the end of the semester. We could all watch and learn.
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