Letter to a Prospective Seminarian

I came across this the other day and thought it would pass it along. Although we are not “prospective seminarians” this letter by Wayne Grudem to a young man name Jerry is worth the read. It was originally published in in the August 25, 1972 of Christianity Today. Here is the basic outline of his letter:

  1. Sound seminary training should be directly and explicitly based on the Bible.
  2. By contrast, there is much “theology” that is non-biblical and anti-Christian. We are positively commanded to avoid it.
  3. True theology is rightly done only with and by believers.


  1. Would an evangelical seminary be too restrictive?
  2. Wouldn’t it be better to go to a more liberal seminary where you could oppose false teaching? Wouldn’t this have the double advantage of strengthening your own convictions and perhaps helping to change the minds of some professors and students?
  3. Wouldn’t an evangelical seminary give its graduate much less prestige, and thus less effectiveness for the Lord?

Perhaps you know someone thinking about seminary and this letter could be helpful to them. If so, pass it long.

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