LifeWay Is Going To Use Twitter

I found this little post via SBC Voices from Aaron Linne, the Digital Media Producer at LifeWay Christian Resources. It sounds like LifeWay is exploring ways to interconnect their project teams via Twitter and create real time buzz. If you’re into technology and its applications check out his post.

with twitter I’m able to, instead, engage in conversation with people I know whether they are online at that time or not. and any of my friends get to see what i’m talking about and chime in too … twitter turns our sphere of influence into an open hall for the world to hear and for us to hear others. one giant conversation piece.

My Twitter has been a little too overstimulating. It definitely has potential to feed creativity and buzz as ideas are exchanged. But I get the same effects, sometimes better, just brainstorming with yellow notepad in my kitchen.

Although LifeWay employees doing Twitter could help me get the first scoop on next year’s Vacation Bible School for my blog…

Any Thoughts?

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4 Responses to LifeWay Is Going To Use Twitter

  1. Aaron Linne says:

    Wow. That was quick!

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    It just worked out that your post was at the top of my Google reader and it surprised me a little. I don’t normally think of LifeWay as innovating with Social media applications. Thanks for the comment and following my Twitter.

  3. Aaron Linne says:

    Tommy –

    Tony –

    Actually, LifeWay has been playing in the social media space for quite a while. has has flickr, youtube and facebook accounts since they launched, the Pastors area and Student area both have twitter accounts, we’ve got video interviews with employees on several media sites, and there are a dozen or so employees (like myself) who regularly blog about the going ons here at LifeWay.

    The issue is using the social media tools in the right way; being authentic users of the technology and not just jumping on the latest fad. It’s a homegrown approach to using the tools, so there isn’t much (if any) tooting our own horn with press releases and the like, so it’s easy for people to miss what we’re doing in these areas.

  4. Aaron Linne says:

    Tony –

    The “secret project” that I mentioned in my post is now live:

    You can follow the project on our twitter as well:


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