Link: Review of Doctrine that Dances

Dr. Roger Duke, SBTS alumnus, has written a review of Doctrine that Dances. I’ve heard several people excited about this book, so I thought I’d link the review. He concludes:

If you have not gotten it by now, I love this book! I love what he said! I love what he does! I love the way he does it! If you can fast for one meal, take that money and get a copy of this volume. I guarantee that you will be a lesser minister if you do not!

You can read the review on Sharper Iron.

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One Response to Link: Review of Doctrine that Dances

  1. Seeing the title of the book, I thought it was going to be about a lack of commitment to sound doctrine.

    Catchy title.

    From the review: He states without equivocation, “Preachers who preach doctrinally must put their ears to the pavement of the text and synchronize the heartbeat of the text with the heartbeat of the doctrine of the author’s intent,” and “The authorial intention must be gleaned because a text can never mean today what it never meant when it was written.” Concerning the applications of the Bible texts when preaching, he states: “[T]hey must always return to the pulsating heartbeat of the text’s original intention” (quotes taken from pp, 20, 35, and 128 respectively; emphasis added).

    Brilliant writing.

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