Live Blog From Founders Midwest Conference 2008

Said at Southern team member Terry Delaney attended the Founder’s Conference Midwest this week. Check out his live blog posts below.

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2 Responses to Live Blog From Founders Midwest Conference 2008

  1. Thanks for posting these links. Unfortuanately I was not able to attend the conference, but now I can at least get a sense of what was going on.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..Baptist Children’s Home – Carmi, IL

  2. If any of my attempts at blogging the conference have piqued your interest in a particular session or you would like to order the entire session from Jeremy Janzen. He is a member of the church who does this is as a ministry; however, there is a cost involved.

    An MP3 of all sessions is $25
    All sessions on CD are $40
    Individual sessions on CD are $5

    You can also get past years if you are so inclined. Jeremy’s email is if you would like more details.

    God bless.

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