Michael Haykin Will Teach At Southern

The Towers is reporting that Michael Haykin is leaving Toronto Seminary to join the faculty of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. That gives us a big +1 for blogging professors at Southern. You can read Dr. Haykin’s blog titled “Historia Ecclesiastica” here. About the new appointment the Towers wrote:

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this week added prominent church historian Michael A.G. Haykin to its faculty, appointing him as professor of biblical spirituality and church history.

A prolific author and noted scholar in areas of early church history, Baptist history and Christian spirituality, Haykin will pioneer Southern’s innovative new Ph.D. and D.Min. programs in biblical spirituality, will teach and supervise doctoral students in patristic history, and will head the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern, which will host events and publish materials related to Baptist history.

Regarding Southern Seminary Dr. Haykin is quotes as saying:

“I am thrilled with the appointment for many reasons,” Haykin said. “What the Lord has been doing in the past fifteen years or so at Southern Seminary makes it a thrilling place, spiritually and academically, to be. I am thrilled to be joining men as colleagues whom I deeply love admire, and some of whom I count among my closest friends. And I thrilled about the quality of students that I have seen at the school.”

Read the whole story at the Towers website.

Then visit his blog and leave a comment to welcome him to Southern.

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7 Responses to Michael Haykin Will Teach At Southern

  1. Steve Weaver says:

    This is great news for SBTS and the SBC!

  2. Trevin Wax says:

    I can’t wait to take Church History with Dr. Haykin!

  3. I am honestly mixed on this. Is Haykin giving up his post at Toronto and moving to Louisville? If this is the case I confess sadness for Toronto Baptist and Canadian Baptists in general who particularly have benefited from Haykin directly.

    Playing Devil’s advocate – why does Southern always have to “steal” the really good professors from other school and churches? I can see positives and negatives – any other thoughts?

  4. Hey Steve,

    Does Dr. Haykin have a Canadian accent? Just wondering because having had several classes with Drs. Gentry and Wellum has given me some practice.

  5. Steve Weaver says:


    He has an accent, not sure if it’s British or Canadian (I don’t know the difference.). He is an excellent speaker.

  6. Tony,
    To answer your question: I graduated today with a M.Div. – School of Theology (BTS TRACK). Blessings!

  7. Tony Kummer says:

    Congratulations – BTS is heavy stuff.

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