Mohler 2008 Has Begun

Read about it from The Southern Baptist Texan

Read about it from Scott Lamb

HT: Dr. Moore


What do you think about? Will Mohler be the man? Or will the counter reformation have its day?

Update: Check out the discussion below. If you need a reminder check out Dr. Albert Mohler – 3 Videos From The 2007 Southern Baptist Convention

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6 Responses to Mohler 2008 Has Begun

  1. Will Jackson says:

    I am excited to see Dr. Mohler running for SBC President. I think his leadership will be great for the SBC. My one question is this, does anyone think that because his church (even though not the Sr. Pastor) only giving 3.3% to Coop Program will be of any concern to some people? Wasn’t it only 2 years ago that there was big push to “encourage” the voters to choose leaders from churches with at least 10% Coop Program giving?

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    Will – It will be made an issue by some. From what I understand Highview gives around the KBC so their missions money actually gets to the mission field.

    CP will never be a good litmus test as long as state conventions keep 2/3 of the CP money for “state” ministries.

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    For The Record:
    I know the poll is utterly unfair on SAS. And yes we all know that the SBC presidential election is not a race in the same way.

  4. Tony,

    I’ve got an idea. After having looked at about 70 blogs that have plugged the announcement of Dr. Mohler’s nomination for president, how about talking about reasons why or why not Dr. Mohler should be president?

    I only say this because, as students of SBTS, it would fitting that we analyze the current situation in the SBC and what Mohler’s presidency would bring to it. Are there any weaknesses in Mohler’s nomination? What will a second or third candidate bring to the prez. race?

    After the excitement and euphoria, perhaps it would be worthwhile to think critically and discuss the issues. No?

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Timmy – I completely agree, but the echoes of the story have already given me a headache. At this points I’m reading some of the anti-Mohlers and waiting to see what happens next.

    Basically, Mohler’s resume as a leader and administrator is second to none. He landed in a theological civil war at SBTS and the miracle of Southern’s rebirth is now a legend.

    But none of us should imagine that SBC politics is about resume. My gut says Mohler would not put himself out there if he didn’t have the network to get elected.

    Beyond this, I’m not sure if I’m ready to play the pundit. Patience young grasshopper, Kummeropolis is not sleeping yet.

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