16 Reasons Dr. R Albert Mohler Jr. Would Make A Great SBC President

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16 Reasons Dr. R Albert Mohler Jr. Would Make A Great Southern Baptist Convention President

#1 He Survived Southern Seminary
We should not underestimate the personal and professional risk that Albert Mohler took when coming back to Louisville. He walked into a theological civil war and lived to give God the glory. You can listen to Dr. Mohler recount the reformation of Southern Semianry at the 2002 Desiring God Conference.

#2 The Rebirth of Southern Seminary
Southern Seminary has become the leading Evangelical institution of its kind. God has used Albert Mohler’s leadership to accomplish the greatest comeback story of our generation. According to Dr. Mohler, “Enrollment has doubled since 1995.” Read more about this amazing comeback in the Towers.

#3 Young Leaders Will Follow His Vision
There is no question that the SBC is leaking leadership talent. LifeWay has documented the increasing apathy among young leaders toward the denomination. Albert Mohler has earned respect from the new generation of Southern Baptist leaders. Just look to the Seminary’s enrollment, Together For The Gospel and New Attitude for proof.

#4 His Ministry Is About Multiplying Leaders
Southern Seminary is training thousands of young men and women to serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. These future leaders are taught to love God’s Word and reach the world with the Gospel. Consider the list of faithful leaders developed under Dr. Mohler’s watch: Thom Rainer, Danny Akin, Russell Moore, Ed Stetzer, Randy Stinson, Chuck Lawless, and many more.

#5 Ministry Experience
Dr. Mohler has never been isolated from the local church. While in seminary he serve two churches, one was a large downtown church and the other a small rural congregation. He now teaches Sunday school at a large suburban mega church. This experience has exposed him to the diversity of churches that comprise the Southern Baptist Convention.

#6 Billy Graham School Of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth
In 1994, Southern Seminary opened the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth, the first program in the Southern Baptist Convention dedicated solely to training missionaries and evangelists. The Graham school proves Dr. Mohler’s commitment to the Great Commission.

#7 Boyce College
In 1998, Dr. Mohler led the formation of an undergraduate program, The James P. Boyce College of the Bible, now simply Boyce College. Boyce College has experienced exponential growth. Boyce College proves Dr. Mohler’s vision to train the next generation of Southern Baptists to impact the world.

#8 Theological Triage
In 2004, Dr. Albert Mohler published an article titled A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity. This simple plan for unity among diversity is the only viable roadmap for bridge building in the Southern Baptist Convention. You can watch him explain his model in this video from the 2007 SBC Annual Meeting.

#9 Albert Mohler Radio Program
Five days a week, Dr. Mohler engages contemporary culture with the biblical truth on his live national radio program. His radio program proves his ability to understand and respond to the issues of our day with the hope of Jesus Christ.

#10 Daily Blog Articles
Every day, the world comes to Dr. Mohler’s website to learn how the Gospel relates to culture, politics and world news. This free resource is a virtual education in theological thinking. His blog further proves his deep understanding of our post-Christian culture.

#11 Denominational Service
As reported by the SBC Texan, Dr. Mohler has an exceptional record of service to the Southern Baptist Convention.

#12 Cooperative Program Seminar
Dr. Albert Mohler has added a mandatory Cooperative Program Seminar to the curriculum of all Southern Seminary degrees.

#13 Together For the Gospel
Dr. Mohler has led the way in organizing this bi-annual pastor’s conference that draws thousands of young pastors committed to the Gospel. T4G proves his ability to work with others to build bridges for the sake of the Gospel.

#14 The 2001 Greater Louisville Billy Graham Crusade
Dr. Mohler’s leadership helped mobilize Christians from the Louisville community (and SBTS students) to work together to make this event a success. R. Albert Mohler Jr., was chairman of the crusade’s executive committee. The Graham Crusade demonstrates Dr. Mohler’s leadership to unify Christians around the mission of Gospel preaching.

#15 Biblical Counseling
Under the leadership of Dr. Mohler, Southern Seminary has embraced a new paradigm for Christian counseling. Biblical counseling at SBTS teaches pastors use the Word of God to help people face the problems of living. This program demonstrates Dr. Mohler’s commitment to the sufficiency of scripture for all of life.

#16 Pioneer of New Media
Dr. Mohler has led the way for Christians using technology to engage culture and spread the Gospel. His 2007 keynote address at GodBlogCon demonstrated his understanding the new media and its potential for evangelism.

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  2. …In case you couldn’t think of any, Tony Kummer has put together a nice list of reasons why Dr. Mohler would make a great SBC president. Can you think of anymore reasons why Dr. Mohler would make a great president?…

  3. Jason says:

    Amen and Amen!

  4. Bart Barber says:


  5. Greg Alford says:

    Great post Tony!

    Dr. Mohler has earned it!

  6. RonK says:

    I might add that he MUST be a man of great humility to allow this photo to be released as an advertisement! http://blog.t4g.org/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2007/12/18/al_mohler_10.jpg

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  8. Pastor Ken says:

    I feel Dr. Mohler would make a great SBC president. I respect him immeasurable. Unfortunately it will be a hard sell to rank and file Southern Baptists considering the Cooperative Program giving, or lack thereof, of the church where he serves as Teaching Pastor. I think one of the things that got Frank Page elected was the giving of his church to CP, Lottie Moon, etc.
    Hopefully it won’t be an issue, but it’s one that is likely to come up between now and June.

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