New Curriculum For All SBC Seminaries?

Les Puryear said

I am issuing a call to all SBC seminaries to add new curriculum for the training of the future pastors of the majority of our churches: small churches. The following are just a few of the principles of the small church which all pastoral students need to learn:

1. The differences between relationship-driven and position/process-driven environments.
2. How to have an effective ministry by loving people.
3. How to handle conflict.
4. How to conduct a business meeting without splitting the church.
5. How to maximize personal visitation time with members in homes and hospitals.
6. Evangelism and mission in and through the small church.
7. How to identify and address local cultural traditions.
8. How to recruit volunteers.
9. How to be a servant leader.
10. How to manage an all-volunteer staff.

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3 Responses to New Curriculum For All SBC Seminaries?

  1. Joseph Gould says:

    I have always been of the mindset that it seems to work best when we receive our philosophical/theological training in seminary while simultaneously receiving “practical” training in the local church. Your thoughts?

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  2. Tony Kummer says:

    I think the list reveals more about what younger pastors get wrong than what the seminaries get wrong. It seems like all churches should be modeling/teaching these items to all young men, regardless of their calling to pastor. This is especially true when you consider the great need of lay leadership.

    The problem with depending on local churches to do the “practical” side of the ministry training is that few pulpit committees really check into this aspect of one’s training. They see you’ve earned an M.Div and think you’re prepared.

    Good thoughts, but I’m not sure they have any future, except to remind us that going to Seminary is not enough.

  3. We have had the discussion here before as to the local church’s involvement in educating young ministers for the “practical” side of ministry.

    Joseph, I believe we are all in agreement that what you said is the idea situation, but it is just no happening right now. I am praying that our generation of ministers will change this simply because we did not have it (for the most part).

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