New Features for Said at Southern

I had a little time tonight away from my nearly finished schoolwork, so I’ve added some new features to Said at Southern.

Custom Search Engine: Said at Southern Network Search now brings results from all the best SAS linked sites into one simple search form. Give it a try. I am still working on the back end to get all the smaller blogs integrated. But I’ve added over 30 and it is really an awesome tool. You can also add the SAS Network search to your blog (unless your click here for directions. You can thank Brian LeStourgeon for this great suggestion. This should also make our roundup redactor a much happier guy.

Display Well Said on your blog: This was a small project I’ve wanted to wrap up for some time, but then school got in the way. click here for directions

Prayer Forum: This is a big step for SAS. Now you can get pray for one another. Click here to check it out. I forget who said it, but several people mentioned it on a comment thread last week.

Band of Bloggers: Timmy is the man with BOB 2008. Thanks to everyone who has posted links and spread the word. The announcement phase is going very well. I’ve told him that you guys will help, so expect more details over the next few months.

Podcasting News: I have a new podcast I’ll post on Monday. And you all know about the podcast Trevin is working on for SAS. I have one more ready to go, but I need to wait until I can do a follow up interview in connection with it. It may be the biggest thing we’ve done so far.

Feedback welcome.

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  1. Will Jackson says:

    Thanks for the link on how to actually add these cool side items. I have thought about adding “Well Said” to my blog, but never knew how. Awesome!

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