New Perspective on Owen Strachan

On a recent comment string, Owen cast his vision for podcast dominion.

In other news, I have full intentions of eventually catching up to NT Wright’s podcast numbers. I only have 4,200 downloads to go. Perhaps if I..uh..grow a beard, refigure Pauline studies, and adopt an English accent?

Said at Southern agents have uncovered this photo from his admissions application to TEDS. It appears that his short time away from Southern has seriously compromised his ability to use a razor. Will he now deny his secret passion for first century Jewish literature and British sketch humor?

New Perspective on Owen Strachan

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4 Responses to New Perspective on Owen Strachan

  1. Tony, you are quickly becoming the Sherlock Holmes of the Said community. I am amazed at the stuff you are able to unearth in your research.

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Lack of Sleep Caught Up

  2. G F McDowell says:

    Wait a minute… I don’t think TEDS has been struck by lightning in a while… Although Southern was right before I moved on-campus….

    G F McDowell’s last blog post..Church Challenges Members: Have Sex Every Day

  3. Owen says:

    Thanks, Tony. So now I’ve 1) got a beard. All I need to do now is come up with the “new new” perspective on Paul. As for the accent, I’m refurbishing mine from my days as “Oliver” in the musical of the same name. No further comment on that will be given. Fame, fortune, and enlightened perspectives, here we come.

    Owen’s last blog post..One of the Most Helpful Posts on Guidance I’ve Read: Dever on Subjectivism

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