Contest: Best New Said at Southern Tagline = $100 Eisenbrauns Certificate

EISENBRAUNS, academic publisher and bookstore, has donated another gift certificate to Said at Southern.

This time it’s a fat $100.

How You Can Win It

Since our redesign, I’ve struggled to find the right tagline for Said at Southern. The problem really goes back to my failure to define the site – it is what it is.

Here’s the process:

  1. Leave your suggestions in the comments of this post.
  2. On Friday September 15th, I’ll put the best five in a poll
  3. The person who suggested the winning tagline gets the $100

Feel free to hype up the contest and bicker with one another in the comments, that always keeps things interesting.

Thanks to Eisenbrauns, if you’ve never heard of them – go visit their website!

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76 Responses to Contest: Best New Said at Southern Tagline = $100 Eisenbrauns Certificate

  1. I’d like to see someone combine the ideas of from the SBTS tagline “for the truth, for the church, for the world, for the glory of God” with our collaboration and diverse trans-SBTS readership

    Pulling from 2 Corininthians 4:15:
    Reaching the world with God’s grace and truth that he be praised and glorified.

  2. Chris Huff says:

    I really like bull’s suggestion above: “They said it, we spread it.” Playing off of it a little, I thought of:

    Said at Southern
    “And spread throughout the world”

  3. Brother Hank says:

    “Motivated by Love, Directed by Principle, and Purposed for the Glory of God”

    “From the Halls of Mullins to the Streets of Harlem”

    “Engaging a Technological Culture with the Truth of God’s Word”

    Brother Hanks last blog post..Obama: Savor of Death to Those Who Seek Life…

  4. “Why should the devil have all the good musings?”

    Danny Slavichs last blog post..Entertainment Forms Our Worldview in Subtle Ways

  5. Kevin Cowart says:

    “Our Education Contending for your Joy in a 2.0 Culture”
    “Our Education Contending for your Faith in an Internet Culture”
    “Our Education Contending for your Faith in an Information Age”
    “Where Web Culture and Theological Education Intersect”
    “Said on the Web for the truth, for the church, for the world, for the glory of God”
    “Theologically Informed Voices Speaking to the Information Age”

    “Maybe I’ll win by sheer volume”

  6. Said at Southern
    The blogs heard ’round the world

    Barry Wallaces last blog post..ESV Study Bible excerpts FREE

  7. Andy Kerr says:

    Seems to me that “Said at Southern” is already a tagline. You just need a name now. 😀

    (I’m not eligible for the contest anyway.)


    Andy Kerrs last blog post..December sale

  8. nice contest, just found it… I will make my entry:

    “bloggers bringing God’s word to a 2.0 world”

  9. Tony Kummer says:

    @Andy Kerr: Thanks for the deflating reminder that my first “real” website suffers from a niche identity crisis 🙂

    But I will add a no tagline option to the poll, that might be an attractive option! or we could use something like: “this blog was born without a tagline, please see title above”

  10. Variations on my previous suggestion:

    “The blog heard ’round the world”

    (sounds more like “the shot heard round the world than it does using the plural); or shorten it to:

    Said at Southern
    Heard ’round the world

    Barry Wallaces last blog post..Ray Boltz announces he’s gay

  11. How about “Blogging with S@S”

  12. Thad says:

    “Because the conversations don’t end in the classroom”

    Thads last blog post..Living Dangerously

  13. “Blogging for Broadus”

    or maybe

    “on the preparation and delivery of blogs”

    or seriously,

    “Redeeming the Blogosphere for the Glory of God”

    Craig Thompsons last blog post..Spurgeon: A New Biography

  14. Brandon says:

    “We promise we’re not writing from our mothers’ basements.”

    Brandons last blog post..Ike Photos

  15. Brandon says:

    “Provocations and Perturbations”

    Not really…but I couldn’t resist the play off Timmy’s title.

    My vote goes to Hank’s “Baptist Thoughts with a Southern Accent”.

    Brandons last blog post..Ike Photos

  16. Dave Crater says:

    “Truth. Church. Collaboration. For the world and the glory of God.”
    “Truth. Church. World. The glory of God. In collaboration.”
    “Truth in the Church and the World for God’s glory.”
    “Truth building Churches in the World for God’s glory.”
    “Collaboration in Truth, Church, and World for the Glory of God.”

  17. Joseph Gould says:

    Said at Southern
    “Tony Kummer’s Crown Jewel of Blogging”

    Joseph Goulds last blog post..Don’t Forget Your Big, Long, Rough Donkey’s Ears

  18. Tony Kummer says:

    @Joseph Gould: Nice and thanks for the complement, its more like my blogging hardhat where I test all my theories and design tweaks on a live audience.

  19. Tony,

    When do you post the top 5?

    Dave Theobalds last blog post..Chinese gymnast gets first Olympic gold, first menstrual cycle

  20. Tony Kummer says:

    @Dave Theobald: Sorry, I’m behind schedule without power – great excuse : )

    Look for the final poll sometime this weekend.

  21. Tony Kummer says:

    Really, I am going to put up the poll soon, I was just w/o electric and had some problems with the polls plugin. I think that’s all better, so if you have a last minute add on please do it now.

    Smart Readers Make A Smart Blog

    The Tagline That’s 3 Weeks Overdue!

  22. Tony Kummer says:

    Taglines Who Made The Poll
    Some of these reflect minor changes, but the credit will still go to the original suggestion. If there is a mistake attribution, let me know ASAP.

    Timmy Brister
    *Because some things just have to be said. Acts 4:20
    *Because Boyce & Toy Would Be Blogging Too

    Kevin Cowart
    * Blogging for the Truth, Church, World, and Glory of God
    * Our education contending for your faith
    * The Intersect of Web Culture and Theological Education Intersect

    Stephan Newell
    * Faith Speaking Understanding

    Julie H
    * News, opinions, and encoruagement from the seminary community

    Brother Hank
    * Theology with a Southern accent (Judges 12:5-6)

    House Entries (Tony)
    * Why should the emergents have all the good blogs?
    * Footnotes from the theological underground
    * Where original thoughts go between lectures
    * Because someone has to think while in Seminary
    * No one will read you research paper anyway
    * Smart Readers Make A Smart Blog

    Terry Delaney
    * Stirring the Pot Because No one Else Will

    Krista Delaney
    * Where Smart People Waste Time

    Brother Hank
    * If You think the Campus is Posh, Wait ’till you See our Blogs
    * Engaging a Technological Culture with the Truth of God’s Word

    * They said it, we spread it

    Andy Kerr
    * tagline not required

    * Because the conversations don’t end in the classroom

    Barry Wallace
    *The blog heard ’round the world

    Craig Thompson
    * Redeeming the Blogosphere for the Glory of God

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  24. Andy Kerr says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to demoralize…


  25. Doug says:

    The Blog, The Seminary, The Legend!

  26. Tony Kummer says:

    Final poll has begun, someone is going to get a nice bump to their library.

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