Ninth Inning Rally?

There have been several kind folks who have asked me about my “Ask Anything” question that, for about a month, stood at #1 on Mark Driscoll’s “Ask Anything” website. Some of you will remember that exactly a month ago, I bailed out on the project as I thought things had gotten way out of hand, and the comments on the question seemed to miss the point. During this period of time, I seldom visited the “Ask Anything” site and did not vote.

The current vote total for my question stands at 15,236, landing it at #10 on the top 20 list. For the question to make the cut, a spread of around 1,200 votes will have to be overcome. At this point, there are only six days left before the voting process closes. That means we are in the bottom of the ninth inning. Can the regulative principle rally and make it in the top 9?

I think it is worth a try. I remember as a little leaguer when we would put on our rally caps, yell a little louder, and believe a little more. I guess that little leaguer in me is still there. So how is it going to happen? Well, I know at least it will require a team effort.

Here’s two suggestions of what you can do. First, vote ten times for the question every day until Friday. Second, encourage others in your circles to vote. Send out emails to your friends (with the links to the question explaining how to vote, 10 times each day), plug it on your blog, mention it on Facebook or Myspace, and talk it up in the comments of the question. But please do not vote illegally!

In case you missed it, the last time Driscoll actually spoke about my question (shortly after the bail out), he spoke of it in a positive light. Driscoll wrote:

“Much to everyone’s surprise the question on worship fell from the top spot for the first time. As I have been thinking about that question, it does have some good implications regarding the emerging church. Namely, do such things as icons, labyrinth walking etc. constitute freedoms in worship or paganism?”

And in the meta of my question, Driscoll wrote:

“But, for the record, I do think this is a good question and kindly stated. Especially with some Emergent type churches incorporating icons, labyrinths, prayer walking etc. it raises the issue of where a line is drawn between pagan and Christian worship practice. So, I do see this question as allowing me to speak broadly about how Scripture regulates our corporate worship as well as define worship in general as a life lived in totality under God’s rule over all. And, the man who asked the question is a man I have never meet and so I have no personal troubles with him at all. One of our Acts 29 planters I believe does know him and speaks very well of him as a great and thoughtful brother. Perhaps one day we will meet, and I suspect before then I will be preaching his question and I sincerely look forward to doing so as it is worthwhile.

Six days, down 1200 votes. Ninth-inning rally time. Let’s see what we can do to see this question makes the cut.

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12 Responses to Ninth Inning Rally?

  1. Brother,

    I must say I am a bit confused as to why you are wanting to rally now and have the question asked after all. Could you explain why you have changed your mind so late “in the game?”

    Terry Delaney

  2. Terry,

    Part of it was intentional, part unintentional. I was really frustrated earlier and left the issue when things got out of hand. To understand the context of this, you would have to read the meta of my question and a particular thread from JT’s blog.

    I have been receiving emails and comments in recent days expressing interest and support for the question. I have always hoped that this question would be well-received and that it would make it into the top 9 (especially after having seen some of the other ones up there!). In any case, I have been especially persuaded in the last couple of days that this question can make a comeback and should be addressed.

  3. Thanks for the response, Timmy. I was simply curious as to the sudden change of mind. I also appreciate the question and will begin to vote for it again as per your request. To God be the glory!

  4. Terry,

    I will admit that, for a while, I thought my question did more harm than good. I tried several times to explain the question in greater detail, only to later be criticized for having done so. Yet, in spite of all that, more and more positive feedback has been coming in, both on the question and elsewhere on blogs, email, etc.

    Thanks for voting DElaney, and I hope you have a great Christmas break!

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Delaney has cast his thousands of votes, and Kummeropolis his ten thousands.

  6. Tony,

    You better watch out. Insider information has it that the “Ask Anything” police have private investigators pinned down your IP address.

    I just think you are trying to be a virtual Jason Bourne. 🙂

  7. I need a cool name like Kummeropolis! Apparently, DEcapolis has already been used.

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    If I’m Bourne, then you’re the virtual Ahmadinejad.

  9. Terry:

    Timmy changed his mind because I shamelessly begged him to.


  10. Behold the power of S@S–the question is up to 7th.

  11. Tony,

    Did you have to link to that pic? You are trying to get me in trouble, aren’t you Mr. Mischief?

  12. Tony Kummer says:

    Timmy – It’s like everyone says, no one can hide from Google. And you know Google is almost a religion in Kummeropolis.

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