No Jesus Stuff At Work – What Would You Say?

Read how Timmy Brister answered this question from his boss at UPS.

As the night was coming to a close, a supervisor from the management team who I work under came to me, and the first thing he asked (in a rather firm manner) was, “Timmy, have you been preaching on the belt tonight?”

I replied, “Well, it depends on what you mean by “preaching”. If you mean sharing my life in the conversation with another person, then yes, but if you mean forcing Christianity down the throat of my co-workers then I have not.”

He replied, “I have been notified by others on the belt that you have been pushing your religion on other people, and they were deeply offended by what you said. You cannot pass judgment upon people and tell them how they should believe.”

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One Response to No Jesus Stuff At Work – What Would You Say?

  1. Mike Gross says:

    I enjoyed reading about Timmy’s experience at work and feel he gave us all a good example to follow. I believe he was well within his rights since UPS is a job where non-work related conversation normally occurs during a shift, and also considering that the other guy was a willing participant.

    With that in mind I would have to say the same should apply to any similar work situation (unless explicitly prohibited). Of course you wouldn’t have the same freedoms in a job where personal conversation gets in the way of job performance and customer service (such as the front line at McDonalds).

    Thanks again Timmy!

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