No Little Places

Another advocate for the small church and against ladder climbing.  Are Our Gifts Too Big for Our Field of Labor? by Thabiti Anyabwile on the 9Marks Blog

I wonder if one of the main challenges facing churches might not be that too many potential shepherds think their education, gifts, and abilities would be wasted in humble, anonymous service? If there are not too many of us who remember too infrequently that the Chief Shepherd knows His blood-bought sheep in country villages are worth caring for? I wonder how many men “settle” for this or that little congregation as a “stepping stone” to a bigger, “better” ministry? How many fear that anonymity is synonymous with unfruitfulness and a certain kind of death?

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  1. I have been the pastor in a town of 1,100 for over a year now. The funny thing about it is that my wife and I knew that this is where God wanted us in ministry two years before we were called here. We would drive 51 miles one way every Sunday to preach, but God opened a door and He provided us with a house in town. The church just could not believe that we were that committed to the ministry here, and we are blessed more and more as God continues to do amazing things.

    It was not a matter of big or small for us; it was a matter of God’s call. We are truly covered by His grace as we are faithful.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..Mixed Bag

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