Note-keeping And Retrieval

Derek Brown, a SBTS student blogger said . . .

I once heard a college professor say that the best scholars are not necessarily those who are the smartest, but those who know how to best access the information. I think (and hope) he is right . . . if we do not have a way in which we can store and retrieve notes, much of our time studying and reading and thinking and writing may be wasted; not completely wasted, but not as profitable as it could be.

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  1. Tony, I ran across your blog this morning. If you are interested in knowing, I have begun using google docs to store my sermon illustration file. This way I always have access to it, and I have opened it up to a few friends so that we can all contribute. It creates a community of illustrations. Also, my secretary has access to it, so when I read books I underline alot, jot page numbers and subject headings on a notecard, and she enters that info for me.

    Craig Thompsons last blog post..Economy of Words

  2. I used to use Firefox with the Zotero plugin for this, but I have found that OneNote (part of the MS Office Suite) is tremendous for just such a task.

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