Prayer Forum: November 2007

This post is our first open forum to help the Said at Southern community pray together. Please leave your requests in the comments below. I’ll leave this post up for about a month, so feel free to interact with one another and share answered prayers.

This board is open to any SAS reader, blogger or critic. Keep private detail private; this is the Internet. Avoid missionary names. Etc. Etc. Etc.

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8 Responses to Prayer Forum: November 2007

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  2. Generally speaking, I think we should not only be praying for ourselves with the end of semester upon us, but be praying for our fellow students as well as the faculty. I have been noticing that the professors look as exhausted as we do.

  3. This doesn’t seem to have caught on very well, but I’ll add a few:

    We have a missionary couple, BJ & K, to a difficult country who are in an uncertain period of their ministry. They need prayer for direction.

    There is a local family, G & M, in another difficult country who often assists us in ministry. Their ministry has seen protection through local authorities, but they walk a delicate line. Pray for their continued protection and that their ministry will continue to be fruitful.

    Pray for our brothers and sisters in a sister church in Venezuela who are contending with a changing political climate. Jose’s job is in jeopardy because of his refusal to do unethical things for the local government. Adriana desires to be a missionary, but is studying medicine according to her parent’s wishes although she could eventually be imprisoned to practice medicine under the government’s auspices. Pray for their ability to purchase land to build a church at a mission site where many new believers are being added.

  4. I would appreciate any prayer from anyone that might read this morning before 11 am. I am preaching (with 36 hours notice) this morning. Please pray for clarity and for God to speak through me despite everything.

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Our family just welcomed two new foster children into our home this weekend.

  6. Two of my younger married friends (22-23 years old) have just shared the truth of Jesus Christ with her family. Her family is predominantly Catholic and is offering the same ol’ resistance that most Catholics offer. They are also being met with mischaracterizations of what they are saying. What is worse is that is all in email form so there is a record of their word twisting that they are oblivious to.

    Please pray for my friends the Parker’s who are extremely concerned about family members going to hell and are being met with a “don’t judge me” attitude all the while claiming they all possess “truth”.

  7. It seems as though this has not taken effect yet, but for those who are reading it, I would ask for prayer as my family and I are driving home on Thursday to surprise my wife’s family. I am coming back on Friday because I have to work every day of the weekend and I have a final on Monday. I am picking her up on Tuesday. Please pray for safe travel and for a credible witness to her family.

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    One or two are praying, thanks for sending in your request. I am having some heart issues this week, not physical but spiritual stuff. Pray for me as well.

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