On Campus: Timothy Paul Jones & Star Wars

Imago Dei, Southern Seminary Student Arts Organization, has a meeting this Friday.

Friday (4/25) at 7:00pm in Norton 101. Southern Seminary Professor Timothy Paul Jones will share some of his thoughts on Star Wars from his book “Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.”

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  1. Thanks for the plug Tony

    Logan Mauldin’s last blog post..Imago Dei this Friday

  2. *Imitating Luke Skywalker* Noooooo! No!

    This *had* to happen just as I’m going out of town.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..T4G Session 1 – Ligon Duncan

  3. toney sauls says:

    i read a bbc news blurb last night about a “star wars jedi church” in england. apparently, a drunk man dressed up as darth vader ran into the church during the middle of the service and started swinging his light saber at all the “church members,” who were themselves, dressed up as jedi! i know there is some serious theological/ecclesiological issues in play here -but man did i have a good belly laugh at that one!

    the man was apparently known by the jedis, but got away before authorities arrived. when the police obtained an arrest warrant for “drunk vader,” he said (i am not making this up), “the [police] force will soon be with him.”

    man, my sides are hurting!

  4. R…O…F…L!!!!!!

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..T4G Session 1 – Ligon Duncan

  5. Funny stuff, Toney!

    At the midnight showing when Episode III was released, half the occupants of the theater were in costume—with the result that, in the two hours as we waited for the movie to begin, Jedi and Sith went up against each other in some quite amazing lightsaber duels. One guy was dressed up as Darth Maul and must have been a mixed martial arts expert, because he had down all the same moves as the movie—and he was defeating everyone. Right before the movie started, a huge guy walks in dressed up as—I promise, I am not making this up—Winnie the Pooh, carrying two lightsabers. He proceeded, by sheer strength, to pound Darth Maul until the Sith apprentice was begging for mercy. It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever witnessed, watching Darth Maul being bested by a Disney character better known for his predilection for honey.

  6. Toney Sauls says:


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