Opening Convocation Spring ’08

“House Keeping” Matters

Today we welcome Dr. Jesse T. Atkinson, Dr. James M. Hamilton, Jr., as new seminary faculty. Dr. Dennis (Denny) Burk, Jr. as the new dean of Boyce College.  Also, we would like to introduce Dr. Alvin Hickey and Dr. Heath B. Lambert as new faculty for Boyce College.  New trustees of the seminary include Philip Gunn, Bruce McKoy, and Dr. John Tweet.  ***I am not sure about spellings***

Dr. Michael David Sills was installed as the A.P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology Chair.

Dr. Gregg R. Allison, having been elected by the trustees as an associate professor of theology to the faculty, was blessed to sign the Abstract of Principles on line 242. This is not the first time he has signed the Abstracts, but it is the first time he has signed it publicly and on the original.  All faculty members receiving tenure at SBTS sign the original document penned by Basil Manly, Jr.


Dr. Mohler preached a call to action today in chapel.  He exhorted us to live dangerous lives.  As Christians, we must be able to see and recognize that danger is prevalent all around us.  Secondly, we must embrace that danger.  The call to carry our cross demands it.  Finally, we must be the danger.  We should preach the gospel at all times which brings with it inherent danger.

This is a must listen to message which can be downloaded here when it is posted.  You can read the chapel blog here.

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