Photo Credits

This page is designed to credit the photographers who have allowed Said at Southern to use their work in our rotating header.

One of my favorite features for the the new Said at Southern design is the big random image box. I’m looking to add some more, so email me your most striking campus photo. (or send me the link if you have it on flickr)

Some Photos I Would Like To Have

  • Empty lecture halls
  • Interesting angles inside the library
  • Anything that makes you say, “Oh, that’s Southern.”
  • Stuff without all the grass, we have enough of those.

Photos by E. Scott Hart

Photos by Abe Serrano

Photos by Brent Hobbs

Photos by Timmy Brister

Photos by Alex Leung

Photos by Steve McCoy

Photos From A Stock Photo Website

This one is not really from SBTS, but everyone loves a beautiful picture of books. So, it at least symbolizes Southern Semianry students.

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