Podcast #1 – Dr. Russell Moore

Said At Southern continues to extend the theological conversation beyond the classroom. I am pleased to announce we have recorded our first podcast. I hope to make podcasts a regular feature at Said At Southern.

Podcast #1 – An Interview With Dr. Russell Moore on the Gospel, Culture and Evangelism


Dr. Russell Moore was was kind enough to grant Said At Southern its first podcast interview. I pray that this audio will encourage you in the Gospel. Dr. Moore serves as Dean of the School of Theology, Senior Vice President for Academic Administration, and Associate Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Moore writes at Moore To The Point. He is the author of The Kingdom of Christ: The New Evangelical Perspective and co-editor of Why I Am a Baptist. He has written articles for various publications including Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and SBC Life.

What did you think of the podcast? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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14 Responses to Podcast #1 – Dr. Russell Moore

  1. shirley says:

    nice use of technology ie embedding podcasts in blogs to share evangelical viewpoints/teachings…

    my way of internalizing word of God is to synthesize gleanings from christian radio broadcasts, sunday sermons (i attend peninsula bible church-cupertino in Silicon Valley) by interweaving real life events with morphed popular music lyrics and my blend of poetry to “put it out there” for people who visit my blog (mostly people /friends who know of my blog) to reflect upon.

    God bless your endeavors to share Christ..

  2. Ched says:

    Very Cool. Moore’s thoughts are encouraging.

  3. Tony,

    I enjoyed the podcast and found it really helpful. I resonate with a lot of the concerns Dr. Moore shared. Thanks for doing this. One suggestion, however: Whenever you do an interview with Dr. Moore, it is imperative that you do an intro with Johnny Cash.

    BTW, was that you on the guitar?

  4. Ann Addison says:

    Tony, that was a great interview. You are a good audio host and I thank you for introducing me to Dr. Moore. I also enjoyed his recent post, “Blood, Gore, and Global Warming.” After hearing your interview, I can see Dr. Moore will be a new favorite for me. I was very encouraged to hear his perspective on a variety of issues. He gave a very insightful answer to your question, “How would you summarize the gospel?” when he said it was not just simply forgiveness, but being found in Christ, who already took our punishment. And, the Father looks on us in Christ just as He looks on Jesus. We are in the Beloved. Ahhhh, sweetness!

    He gives a good assessment of what he terms a crisis in preaching, and a crisis in worship. He was not referring to music wars, but rather the need for a sense of weight and gravity at coming into the presence of God (with joy). He mentioned recovering the Lord’s Supper, which is near to my heart. And, he discussed consumerism in American culture. A lot of good content on only 20 minutes! Thanks!

    On the technical side, are you going to put this on iTunes? iTunes is such a central repository these days, that some of us will only listen to subscribed pod-casts on iTunes. : ) When I refer to an audio in my blog, I point to a post or page such as this since many of my readers only stream and I want them to see the source page. But, I hate to stream and only do pod-casts! lol It looks like you’ve covered plenty of streaming options. I manually downloaded this one time… just because you did it. : ) So, help us out and set it up in iTunes.

    OK… I finally added this blog to my blogroll. Blessings, Ann

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Sorry – I didn’t want to get into legal trouble for using JC music. The guitar chords were something my friend Andy Williams played. You’ll remember he wrote a review for Said At Southern for the Derek Webb series.

  6. Tony Kummer says:

    I’ll check into itunes. Our plugin supports it so I just need to get the back end setup.

  7. Paul Cable says:

    who’s playing the guitar?

  8. Paul Cable says:

    never mind. great interview!

  9. I thought the podcast was really good. I was hugely encouraged by what the doctor had to say on the range of subjects chosen. It left me hankering for more. The questions were good and if anything it could have been longer – but that’s just my appetite! I look forward to hearing more of these podcasts.

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  11. Tony Kummer says:

    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I will be shooting for about 25 minutes for the podcast. I’ve read different thoughts on this but I will just go with my preference. Dr. Moore did a great job. I could have asked my other 50 questions but I wanted to save something for a possible follow up. : )

  12. Enjoyed the podcast here in Indy. Keep up the good work — you’re setting a great example for other Bible-believing academic ministries. Love the SaidAtSouthern model.

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