Podcast #5 Evangelicals and the Environment with Dr. Gregg Allison


I am fortunate to have Dr. Allison as my theology professor this year. While discussing the doctrine of creation, he mentioned the biblical role of man as a steward of God’s world. This idea implies that all children of Adam ought to have some level of concern about our natural environment. I asked Dr. Allison to meet with me to discuss these issues more in depth. He graciously agreed. I hope you will find this interview as helpful as I did. Here is the short list of my questions:

  • How did you come to Christ?
  • How would you summarize the Gospel?
  • Why should Christians be concerned about the environment?
  • Why are many Christians not more involved in these issues?
  • What are the causes of global warming and should we be concerned?
  • What are some specific ways that evangelicals can be more engaged in environmental issues?

If you want to learn more, read Dr. Russell Moore’s testimony before a Senate Committee. His report includes some great research into the Evangelical position on the environment.

About Dr. Gregg Allison from the Seminary Website

Dr. Allison comes to Southern from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, where he had taught theology and church history for nine years. He has also served as adjunct faculty at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL; Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL; Judson College, Elgin, IL; and Institute of Biblical Studies, Western Europe. Dr. Allison has 18 years of ministry experience as a staff member of Campus Crusade, where he worked in campus ministry as well as a missionary to Italy and Switzerland. He also co-pastored a church in Lugano, Switzerland. He is author of Getting Deep: Understand What You Believe About God and Why and Jesusology: Understand What You Believe About Jesus and Why, and he has five articles in The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions. He is currently the book review editor for theological, historical, and philosophical studies, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, a position in which he has served for the last seven years. Dr. Allison is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society in which he serves on the editorial and membership committees and regularly presents papers at its national meetings.

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7 Responses to Podcast #5 Evangelicals and the Environment with Dr. Gregg Allison

  1. Ann Addison says:

    I enjoyed the podcast. I have picked up tidbits here and there similar to Dr. Allison’s views on global warming and I agree with all that he said. Does anyone know of a good online resource that would go into more detail and documentation?

  2. lewsta says:

    Anne, probably the best and most comprehensive website is here…http://www.co2science.org/scripts/CO2ScienceB2C/Index.jsp

    these guys have no dog in the fight, simply explore and report science. Not much affected by the current al gore rhythms of alarmism.

    Another VERY amusing site is this one:

    what these guys do is collect reports from volunteers on the actual NOAA climate data reporting sites located throughout the USA. Amazing trend they are uncovering: nearly every one of these sites (the sources for daily climate reports for nearly a hundred years, with data are then aggregated to show the scary “trends” the fearmongers parade before us) is so far out of compliance with the established standards for them…things like placing one (Santa Rosa California, for example) on the ROOF of a half-block heated commercial building—within fifteen feet of THREE huge air conditioning system heat pumps. Think there might be a “change” in average daily temps reported from Santa Rosa? Yup–they graph the averages, and the graph average jumps three or four degrees coincident with the date that station was installed in that location.

    One more is here:


    general information and reports about HOW data are recorded and analysed…current kafuffle regards how NOAA have introduced “correction algorhithms” to accumulated date…without reporting that they have done–and how this “correction” conveniently skews reported averages introducing false “increased temperature averages” in the Climate Date reports from our guvamint. Amusing….makes me VERY confident we are getting honest and accurate information from the highest relevant authority in the land. they also have an amusing graphic—showing the location of ALL land reporting stations worldwide..some 60% of them are located within the USA…think that might skew the world-wide averages? Maybe?

    If it seems I am a sceptic on this whole business, yes I am. I was in college when they were analysing the data leading to the “global cooling” and the imminent new ice age….and golly the guvamint MUST DO something or we’re all doomed. And I am not that ancient……I find it VERY amusing we’ve gone 180 out from that trend. Same solution, however—our saviour, the guvamint, will rise to the occasion once more and save us all from certain doom.

    Should we recycle, as Dr. Allison suggests? Absolutely. BUT–how about cutting consumption of what we recycle after we’ve done with it..packaging, mostly. Hybrid cars? Well, no thanks. Their batteries cost 3 or 4 thousand dollars–are NOT recyclable, and comprise hazardous waste. What will become of THOSE? Whatever happened to the cars we had from the 1950’s and 1960’s—delivering 40 to 50 mpg and FUN to drive? I’ve had dozens of them. And why do government continue to maintain zoning laws that essentially mandate hour long commutes twice a day? I can’t run my business from home…so I have to put it elsewhere and commute. What is the environmental impact of the necessary road construction, waste from so many wrecks, wasted fuel sitting in the parking lot they call a freeway?

    Oh well–the thing I most fear is that somehow the wackos will get in power and inflict all manner of restrictions and outrageous costs in panic-stirred attempts to DO something…which, in the main, will be insignificant. Good job the government did NOT get on the bandwagon for “global cooling and the coming ice age”, else they’d be screaming “hey, we did it…only too much. NOW we have to mandate THIS set of things to correct”. It would be worse than the FED meddling with the money supplies!!! OK, off my rant..check out those three websites and see what YOU think is coming down.

  3. Gregg Allison says:

    Ann, thanks for your kind words! And lewsta, thanks for website references. Another important website is that of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. The address is http://www.cornwallalliance.org/

  4. Ann Addison says:

    Thank you, Dr. Allison and lewsta, for the links! I’ll check them out.

  5. Dr. Allison, I believe this marks the first time a faculty member has posted a comment directly to Said at Southern. Thank you for gracing the Southern blogosphere with your participation.

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