Podcast With Tom Ascol

tom-ascol1.jpgA few weeks back, I met with Tom Ascol while he was in Louisville for T4G and recorded this Mp3 interview. It’s a fast paced conversation (18 minutes) dealing with a host of pastoral and church issues including:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • What encourages you about the reformed resurgence in the SBC?
  • What advice do you give to reformed leaning pastors?
  • Is Calvinsim a hill that pastors should die on?
  • Why was your membership resolution rejected by the Southern Baptist Convention?
  • With all your concerns about the SBC, why does your church still cooperate?
  • And much more …


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Photo Credit: Timmy Brister

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3 Responses to Podcast With Tom Ascol

  1. This is a great interview Tony. Thank you for taking the time out of the busy conference schedule.

    Martin Pitcher’s last blog post..An Important Nauvoo Ministry

  2. Do we have a transcript on this? This is something I need to “hear,” since it says here he has “advice for reformed-leaning pastors.” Guilty as charged, I am.

    Stephen Newell’s last blog post..Gone Fishin’

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Stephen – I should make Terry type a transcript, but he’s swamped with school like the rest of us!

    He basically says we are in reforming times, so be ready to fight for the Gospel. Choose your battles, don’t die for the “C” label. But in our times the ministry will be hard work and always a struggle for the truth. He said of you’re not ready to do that, then get out of the ministry.

    That is my rough summary from memory. He says a lot of great things in the interview and it is only 18 minutes. Maybe another reader will type it out.

    Everyone – Any offers?

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