Political Endorsements?

The Roundup Redactor is look to links some reactions to Robertson’s endorsement of Giuliani. If you’ve posted on this leave a comment below by midnight tonight, because I want to put them in the roundup.

Political Endorsements?

You can also send me any political endorsements your blog will be making. Or a discussion about endorsements. Should bloggers make them?

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4 Responses to Political Endorsements?

  1. Phil says:

    I recently read an article by Wayne Grudem on his endorsement of Mitt Romney. The article was on Townhall.com. It was an interesting argument as to why he believed Romney would be the best candidate for Republicans to vote for. I haven’t heard to many comments regarding this endorsement, but I’m interested in what others think regarding that endorsement.

  2. Should the church endorse candidates? I don’t mean this in regard to the IRS and tax exempt problems with churches engaing in politics. But should the Christians faith actually endorse a candidate? It seems to me we should simply tell people to pray about it and vote for the person who would potentially honor God the most. Whether there is any chance for that in this election I don’t know. But I hardly can understand “endorsing” a pro-abortion candidate or a mormon. Perhaps one might be the lesser of two evils….

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