Poll: I’m thinking about dropping “Well Said”

I am looking out over the next little bit and considering ways to pull back on my blogging. An easy way is to cut out “Well Said”

  • It takes me at least 10 minutes each day to scan all the feeds
  • I’ve got a busy few months and need to pull back on technology time: two summer classes, new baby in August, extra hours at church with Upward Soccer, kids staying up later in the summer, etc.
  • RSS subscribers to “Well Said” have not been growing
  • The “Well Said” page has averaged 30 page views each day for a year
  • Many readers who click on the “Well Said” links also visit the “Student Said” page
  • I would replace the “Well Said” on the sidebar with a “Student Said” listing instead

Vote below and leave your comments too. Thanks.

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6 Responses to Poll: I’m thinking about dropping “Well Said”

  1. Doug Smith says:


    It sounds like you’ve got things a lot more important than blogging going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found some useful things via blogs, some edification, instruction, and warning — but engaging with real life flesh and blood people is probably a better stewardship of our time. I knew I was doing far too much with blogs for my schedule when an additional teaching responsibility came along. It has consumed so much of my time that I now have about 1000 unread posts in my Google Reader! (But I still keep the subscriptions b/c it’s a handy way to search trusted sources in a cinch or go back and read all the unreads of a particular author.) And there’s no way that I can try to keep the same kind of pace others do with their blog with my family (3 children) and other responsibilities. I still try to post occasionally, but I stopped trying to stretch myself too thin in that avenue because there are more important things in life and whether I write a post or not today, God’s purposes will still go forward. I can’t speak for everyone else, but let me express appreciation for how you have sought to draw our attention to worthwhile things on the web and give exposure to what many of us students have written. But, as for me, I would encourage you to give up this extra self-inflicted responsibility that is taking about two whole days of your life a year and use that time to maintain your spiritual life and incarnationally pour yourself wholeheartedly into the other ministry opportunities that are abounding in your life. Those things are time-consuming enough themselves. And what really matters most for eternity?

    your brother in Christ,

  2. Paul Fuller says:

    I think that’s probably a good thing for me! Personally, it can lean towards pride swelling up in me when I occasionally have made it to the “Well Said” page. I already have enough pride, so one less incliner is a good thing for me!

  3. Bill Blair says:

    It seems like there is a lot of good things written by the bloggers here, so it seems like a difficult task to separate the good from the “Well Said.” I doubt this could be done, but it would be good if the writer could somehow star it for you so he/she could separate the more personal posts (Happy Birthday Mom) from the more in-depth pieces.

    I always wondered how you could manage to keep up with all the blogs like you do. Bottom line: I think the bulk of the posts on S. S. are good enough that W. S. would not be missed.

  4. Stan McCullars says:

    I just found you. Don’t leave me!

    Just kidding.

    Like Doug said, engaging with real life flesh and blood people is probably a better stewardship of our time. I’ve been thinking about this lately as my time reading blogs is starting to seriously take its toll on me.

  5. Yay for new babies!

    But as far as W.S., you do what you need to do brother. We Southern Baptists are very forgiving, so if you must change the status quo, we’ll get over it in about 20 years… 🙂

    But seriously. W.S. will be missed the same as if Justin Taylor stopped posting random awesome posts from around the wider blogosphere. Good linking resources are ALWAYS in high demand, because they save time for the rest of us! But, we understand that means that it takes a whole lot of time for someone else. So my 2 cents, find someone else you trust to do it for you – if you decide to keep it at all. Its a sanctified pyramid scheme…works everytime…lol…

    W. Hank Balchs last blog post..Why Little Boys Should Have Their Own Rooms

  6. I echo Hank’s suggestion — if you could find somebody trustworthy to take over (NOT ME), it would be of great benefit to the SAS community. As you probably well know, many of us SBTS bloggers take great pride in saidatsouthern.com — a good kind of pride in which we celebrate with those celebrating, mourning with those in mourning. We are family… and to read the most well said posts from family is simply an act of service to our brothers and sisters.

    I really hope you keep it W.S. up.

    Alex S. Leungs last blog post..Can Women be in Authority over Men in the Local Church?

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