Poll: Are ProLife Evangelicals Excited About Sarah Palin?

sarah-palin-pro-lifeOur pastoral staff went to lunch today at a local pizza place. We were just in time to watch the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s choice for Vice-President.

It was amazing to see the place react to the news. See more about Sarah Palin’s ProLife views. Also check out the Draft Sarah Palin blog and the CBN story about prolife reaction.

As the news networks listed her accomplishments, I couldn’t imagine a better balancer to the ticket. This is especially true when you talk about her as a working mom with 5 children. I’m sure there will be some bumps with an fresh candidate, but she makes Obama look link a political insider.

What do you think?

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Sarah Palin’s Evangelical Views

The Evangelical Outpost has a good roundup on the Sarah Palin VP pick. You can also see a good summary of her social view on Wikipedia.

Video: Sarah Palin Introduced As John McCain’s Vice Presidential Running Mate

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20 Responses to Poll: Are ProLife Evangelicals Excited About Sarah Palin?

  1. Scott says:

    This, along with the socialist candidate’s admission that the presidency is “above [his] pay grade” is the most encouraged I have been about this election.

    Scotts last blog post..McCain/Palin Provides Life in Race for the Presidency

  2. I haven’t been this excited about an election since Reagan in 1984.

    Stan McCullarss last blog post..Obama says: "We are a better counry than this" yet he supports Obamacide

  3. Doug says:

    You all have to be kidding! I wish you could have been where I was when the shocking (one republican said, “jaw dropping”) anouncement of Palin was made. WHO??? How can the Republicans jump on Obama for being “inexperienced”, when they choose a person to be VP (one “heart beat” from the oval office), who has no federal experience and very little experience at all. Nothing personal to Palin-I am sure she is a nice person. But to throw her in the cage against Joe Biden! I have a feeling that McCain must have something against this lady! I see it as a cynical choice – a (they think) clever attempt to undermine the Dems. But to choose a VP (the second most important office in the nation -in the world!) simply as a PR move is the height of cynicism and pandering! Did McCain decide last night that he had to have woman as a running mate -any woman will do – and Palin happened to be available?! Again, no offence to Palin -but what about so many other fine and strong women among the Republicans – can anyone say “Condelezza Rice”. This choice is an outright insult to the other much more worthy and qualified candidates, to the Republican party and supporters, and to all Americans. Of course, everyone will fall into line at the Convention (can’t you just see the chosen speakers practicing the correct pronounciation of her name right now!). McCain better hope he wins – or he will have a price to pay for many years for this business!

  4. HJ says:

    I recently saw (today)a interview on C-span that was taped on 2-28-08 and when Sarah Palin was asked about her family there she replied that she had 4 children with no mention about her pregnancy or reference to a new addition.
    If she is pro life then why would she not mention this when specifically asked. I wonder about this.

  5. Todd B. says:


    On Condy, can anyone say “pro-choice”?
    Palin, in my opinion is indeed a good choice, and, compared to Obama actually has executive level experience on a number of levels.

    — Todd
    — Todd

  6. Tony Kummer says:

    @Doug: Palin sounds like she’s more experienced than Obama, but I’m sure all this will be hashed out until November. For now, it sounds like McCain’s gotten some much needed buzz.

  7. John Mark Inman says:

    The question I’ve had all day is does her husband think he’s Napolean or something. Why the hand inside the jacket? Did they catch him scratching his chest or something?

  8. I bet it was the Pledge of Allegiance

  9. John Mark Inman says:

    yeah, i guess inside the jacket is closer to the heart than outside the jacket. 🙂 Perhaps he was avoiding a finger prick from his corsage.

  10. Brother Hank says:

    You can take this for what you will, but I think some people are taking Alaska too lightly in all this. Now don’t get me wrong, being a proud Texan myself, I’m all for bringing Alaska down to size – but seriously. The way some of the talking heads on tv (as well as in the blogosphere) are talking about Alaska, one would think she was governor of Mayberry or something. Governing a state surrounded by another country and an ocean (not to mention being within a stones throw of Russia) is nothing to shake a stick at.

    All that being said, I think it would be interesting for us to consider how we should think about a mother of 5 (the youngest just a few months old) spending soo much time away from the kiddos (the kind of thing that will inevitably come with a vice-presidential schedule). Just a thought…

    Brother Hanks last blog post..Palin, McCain, and Little Bit o’ Excitement

  11. Bull says:

    Doug, that’s fear talking. You dont think the McCain campaign went over all the stuff you’re thinking about over and over again? The only reason they would have picked her is if she’s the real deal….
    I was pumped. This was a brilliant move. And the thing about her debating Biden….honestly, the pressure is on him! He’s gonna have to debate a 44 year old mother of five whom he’s SUPPOSED to beat and he MUST beat or lose face. She’s the underdog. If Biden outdoes her a little bit, so what? It will be what people expect. But if she shows up and lets Biden have it,….that would be an embarrasing loss. This is risky, but this is American.

  12. Matt Privett says:


    Thank you for making the observation about time away from the kids. The majority of us who are conservative Christians can get pumped up at anything that might bring Obama down, but shouldn’t we consider this from more of a biblical perspective, and not just a political one? Gov. Palin counts herself as a believer as far as I know. Shouldn’t we be concerned about the biblical role of men and women in and out of the home in all of this? This is an issue I wish were more discussed when it comes to politics.

    Matt Privetts last blog post..We’re having a baby… AGAIN!

  13. Genoise says:

    I have been struggling with the issue of Palin not being a worker at home. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one way I can view this. It is possibly (Providentially?) an exception to the rule. I haven’t brushed up on Judges recently, but Deborah had to fill the role of a judge in her day. I do believe she was married, I’m not certian she had kids. Those exceptions are few and far between and perhaps Palin fits the bill for such a time as this.
    My heart, however, goes out to her little one.

  14. Bull says:

    And my comment on Palin and OUR concerns for her family is this….they are good concerns, but they are still OUR concerns. They are the parents and It looks like they’ve handled themselves well thus far with their children and we should let them decide those things. They will have plenty of resources at their hands and lots of staff to aid them in care for their children too which doesn’t make them a typical example for discussion on parenting children in America. And until we know for sure that they personally aren’t doing a good job raising their children amidst all the perceived chaos, all we would be doing is speculating. Her Husband and She may in fact be able to do what seems to many of us to be the impossible.

    I would agree however that the roles and goals of family need to be discussed in general. Obviously, not every mother and father and family is wired like these people are. They may not be able to do what the Palins can do or will do with their children. Point is, let the Palin’s raise their children and let’s instead discuss family principles in general. Let that Christian husband and wife do their job and see if they can maintain the household. I don’t think its for us to do yet to even think about criticizing their raising of a family.
    If we see them doing something wrong, then clearly, yes…lets talk about it….but right it would be speculation. But I would like to hear the conversation about the roles….

  15. Scott says:

    When I lived in Alaska, Hank, we joked that we should split up so Texas wouldn’t be the second largest state anymore. But we realized if we did that then Texas would only be the third largest state. 🙂

    Now to the real comment…

    Alaskans have a real independent spirit. Rarely will an Alaskan be told they cannot do something. More times than not, given the opportunity, an Alaskan will find ways to do things that most would have given up on a long time ago. When they put their hand to the task the task gets done.

    Governor Palin is one of those Alaskans. She has demonstrated an ability to lead (something the socialists only wish they had even a modicum amount of). She has shown that she will not put up with corruption (again, the socialists should take note). She is defintely within her pay-grade for the upcoming constitutional duties for which is quite able to undertake (not like her self-admitting socialist opponents).

    I’ll be voting for Sarah Palin for Vice President (and her running mate, John McCain for President) — not against the other guys. I’m excited to be able to finally FOR the right candidate.

    Scotts last blog post..McCain/Palin Provides Life in Race for the Presidency

  16. Doug says:

    Scott – I am not sure exactly who you are referring to when you say “the socialists”, but as far as corruption is concerned, it seems the jails are equally filled with “socialists” and “republicans” (does Abramoff, Libby, etc…etc… ring any bells?)

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  18. Tony Kummer says:

    I should note that the poll numbers have changed more since we’ve been getting Google traffic for this post. In the beginning, it was something like 85% yes.

    Of course, blog polls only are mostly for fun.

  19. Lee says:

    I like Sarah Palin. For that reason, I hope her being McCain’s running mate will not damage her political future. I think this is too big of a jump too quickly. In all honesty, I don’t think she is ready for the Vice-Presidency. And while I do like her social conservativism, I have a sneaking suspicion that McCain now thinks he has completely satisfied the evangelical conservative constituency of the party simply by making this choice. He’s been willing to openly give full consideration to pro-choice possibilities, and that now makes this choice look like he is throwing a bone to snarling evangelicals by picking a relatively unknown governor with somewhat of a reputation as a maverick, and who is an evangelical herself to quiet the criticism. By choosing Palin as VP, McCain can neutralize evangelical criticism while ignoring evangelical social concerns. Ultimately, I don’t think this will matter much. McCain will not win the election.

    Lees last blog post..New Names and Faces Needed for BGCT’s Future

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