Poll: New Tagline For Said At Southern

After busting my own deadline by a solid 2 weeks, here is the first poll. I’ll take the top picks and do a final round next week. The person who suggested the winning tagline will win a $100 gift card from EISENBRAUNS. If a tagline that I suggested wins, then the highest rated non-Tony entry will get the gift card. Everyone is eligible except me and the people from Eisenbrauns. [See who-suggested-what…]

Feel free to debate and make endorsements in the comments section.

[poll id=”31″]

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18 Responses to Poll: New Tagline For Said At Southern

  1. Tony Kummer says:

    As with other contest polls, this one is restricted by IP address. If you can’t get to your own computer, then you can email me your votes manually Tony@Gmail.com

  2. Brother Hank says:

    whoever came up with the “theology with a Southern accent” is brilliant…

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Now the upside to this, we’ll have at least a handful of taglines for other bloggers to steal if they don’t win.

  4. Hate to vote against a tagline by my friend Timmy, but of the top two I think “theology with a Southern accent” is better, as it is more specific to our school.

  5. Adam Winters says:

    I sympathize with Andrew’s advice. I feel like some of these options are good for in-jokes and fun but I think they would drastically change the tone of this site into something that would not be a healthy representation of the Seminary with which we are associated. To address one instance: as funny as the “Boyce and Toy would be blogging too” is, would it be a respectful and godly tagline to associate with a site that is so prominently (yet unofficially) associated with the SBTS? Whoever wins should get the reward, no doubt, but I hope you exercise discretion and wisdom in using something to permanently associate with this site.

  6. I have to say I agree with Brother Hank. He, oops I mean whoever came up with the “theology with a Southern accent” is brilliant…

  7. Brother Hank says:

    Barry –

    Your check is in the mail.

    …just don’t cash it until…let’s say February…

  8. Matt Svoboda says:

    You need to capitalize Said at the end of the one in the lead.

  9. Tony Kummer says:

    I’m a little disappointed that “Because Boyce & Toy Would Be Blogging Too” isn’t getting more votes. Maybe it’s our lack of Baptist History.

  10. Matt Svoboda says:

    Come on, people! “Because some things just have to be Said” is clearly the best one!

    *if anyone is wondering I did not submit any taglines.

  11. Brother Hank says:

    @ Matt –

    perhaps people are getting getting in touch with their inner “accent”…



  12. Tony is the master of contests and polls. Where would SAS be without them? 🙂

    Here we go again,


  13. Brother Hank says:

    Tony –

    I few of my avid tagline fans have not been able to vote on-campus. Is that because of the IP thing, perhaps? Is their only recourse to email you?

    I’m just looking out for the spirit of democracy and student suffrage here. 🙂

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  15. Tony Kummer says:

    @Brother Hank: The polls runs and IP block, so they’ll need to email me for a manual adjustment.

  16. Tony Kummer says:

    I plan to take the top 5 picks to the final starting sometime Monday.

  17. Roger Duke says:

    From an “old man’s” perspective, “Theology with a ‘Southern’ Accent” is great! Brilliant? Well, maybe it is!!!

  18. Morgan says:

    I vote “Theology with a Southern Accent”….Yeah HB!!!

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