Poll: Should Orrick Rap Southern Seminary Chapel This March?

Will Jackson writes:

I noticed today that Southern’s Spring 2008 Chapel schedule is now online . . . I am especially hoping that Dr. Orrick will bring his “philosophy rap” to chapel. Now THAT would be a chapel for the ages!!

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If you’re on campus, you’ll enjoy them all I’m sure. But guys like me might make a special trip to hear a few – otherwise it’s MP3 only. The headliners:

  • Mohler – seven times!
  • Dr. Millard Erickson – March 4 & 6
  • Dr. Jim Orrick (aka Wordlview Rap Guy) – March 13
  • Graeme Goldsworthy – March 18
  • Major General Douglas Carver (Chief of Chaplains, US Army) March 25

Dr. Jim Orrick Encore

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11 Responses to Poll: Should Orrick Rap Southern Seminary Chapel This March?

  1. Adam Winters says:

    I think if he did this at chapel it would prove we really are just a bunch of hopelessly awkward white boys. 😉 Though, I have to say, Lig Duncan’s rap would be tight.

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  3. You need another “no” category; as in:

    NO – no one really wants to see another Vanilla Ice wannabe.

  4. Tony Kummer says:

    IF not chapel, then maybe at T4G in April?

    Lig and Orrick both!

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  6. Matt Svoboda says:

    What is not sacred about Orrick’s rap?
    I say go for it!

  7. Bob says:

    Yeah, I second Stephen’s comment.

  8. Adam Winters says:

    “no one really wants to see another Vanilla Ice wannabe.”

    LOL! ROTFL! Exactly what I was trying to say!

  9. Lucas Defalco says:

    Wow! Not only is Kris Kristofferson teaching at a Seminary now, but he’s switched from country to rap! What’s the world coming too!!!

  10. yall’ stop hatin’ on Orrick cuz he’s white!!! nothin’ wrong with being white! lol!!!! I think he’s very entertaining (I wouldn’t want to bump to it or nothin’ but I’d love to hear it in chapel instead of the special music!!)

  11. VK says:

    This is great. Anyway you can get the word of God to the youth has my vote

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