Poll: Pick A Democrat?

I know most of our readers are fairly settled conservatives, but I though this would be an interesting conversation. Take the poll then leave a comment to explain your choice.

Are you looking for the lesser of two bad choices? Do you think McCain will do better against one candidate? Leave your comments below.

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22 Responses to Poll: Pick A Democrat?

  1. Tony Kummer says:

    Here is why I’m thinking Pro Hillary:

    1. She’s been in government a long time, experience is good.
    2. She might lose to McCain
    3. Congressional deadlock is not always bad, if we have a liberal president then I want one that isn’t too popular.
  2. I am going Pro Barack because I think he is the only one of the two that can actually unite this country. Plus, I don’t know that anyone can be as bad as Hillary. Finally, I am from Illinois.

  3. kevin b says:

    McCain will do better against Obama. He’s already beating him in some polls. McCain is a known quantity.

    Obama has no where to go but down as more people discover how honkin’ liberal he is.

    McCain will get oodles of democrats in the general election if it is Obama, especially seniors.
    If it is Obama, McCain will not move to the right to get the conservatives ,but to the left to get the mod dems and reps and independents. And he will win.

    Below are two links that anyone who think Obama may be good for the country or unite the country should read.



  4. What does it matter if it’s Clinton, Obama, or McCain? They’re all the same in the end, other than McCain’s desire to bomb the entire rest of the world. More of the same for 4 more years. Yawn……..

    Nick Kennicott’s last blog post..John Piper :: Imparting a Passion

  5. Clinton is the least of the evils, although I don’t like either choice.

    Obama’s remarks about regretting his vote on Schavio bothers me… and honestly, I think McCain will have a harder time against Obama in our media culture.

    I’d still rather McCain than any of the Dems.

    Julie Halitzka’s last blog post..Christmas in February

  6. I have just found posts about Obama and the Abortion Rights Protection Act… he fought against passing a law in Illinois to prohibit killing babies who were still alive after a late term abortion.

    Clinton is DEFINITELY the least of the evils.

    Julie Halitzka’s last blog post..Christmas in February

  7. Tony Kummer says:

    I would expect several months of anti Obama developments. I think he made people feel good with the hope rhetoric, but the puppy love looks to end in heartbreak.

  8. I was only picking between the two as though the presidency was being decided between those two alone.

    My fear with Obama is he is a politician’s politician. I believe he is more liberal than Hillary but I also think Hillary is more dangerous than Obama.

  9. Brother Hank says:

    #1, the silly thing still won’t let me vote again (and i’ve deleted my stuff and everything)!

    #2, if i could vote on this poll, i would rather have clinton as the democratic nominee because there are fewer evangelicals that are taken in by her fluffy campaign rhetoric than are by obama. at least most of us are still brave/cogent enough to argue against clinton’s pro-choice stances, even though some evangelicals have decided to give obama a pass on his more militant pro-choice history because of his “assumed” ability to unite the country. if it takes a divided country to defend the unborn, then brothers, let us have a divided country that knows for certain that Christians will not compromise on the destruction of the imago Dei in our offspring.

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Infanticide, Abortion, Racism, Obama – News Roundup

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    Sorry about the poll. The only thing I can guess is that you are an undocumented worker trying to blend into our society with questionable legal status.

    Or you like Ron Paul?

  11. Brother Hank says:

    LOL. Well, if it was option A, they’d probably still let me vote in California…

    And as for option B, I guess my browser has been to the RonPaul2008.com website so many times that it automatically rebels against any unconstitutional candidate. 🙂 And if a browser can do it, then what’s that say about evangelicals who’ve jumped the ‘principled ship’ to hitch a ride on the shiny new ‘political titanic’…

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Infanticide, Abortion, Racism, Obama – News Roundup

  12. Tony Kummer says:

    Hank – Well spoken. I haven’t seen any anti Ron Paul plugins for WordPress, but it sounds like a great idea.

  13. Anti-Ron Paul? What’s the matter Tony — you don’t like freedom and civil liberties? Do you enjoy giving all of your income to the government and watching the value of it deplete before your eyes? Perhaps it’s the war — unconstitutional warfare always gets people excited!

    Ron Paul is the only logical choice for a consistent Christian, in my opinion. Principled leadership with sound reasoning and biblically based decision-making: None of the other candidates can stand on those convictions or statements.

    Nick Kennicott’s last blog post..Teaching College Students :: The Doctrine of Concurrence

  14. Tony Kummer says:

    Nick slipped through the filter.

  15. I think the love affair folks have with Obama, and even the surprising endorsements by some of the Democrat strongholds are trying to break the Clinton stronghold on the party. The more I read about the substance of Obama’s beliefs, the more I see him having values more concerning than Hillary.

    And sorry, Tony, I’m a Ron Paul guy myself. Still surprised at the reaction against him. Alas! The beauty of American politics!

    Matthew Perry’s last blog post..Obama Believes the Sermon on the Mount Justifies Homosexual Unions? O-K!

  16. Brother Hank says:

    Tony, you should really join the Ron Paul Revolution. In what other campaign can you walk around with a powdered wig, stockings, and a drum and still have a clean conscience?

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..Glowing Iron Tongs: A Heart Unquenchable

  17. Tony doesn’t need a campaign to have a clear conscience about wearing a powdered wig and stockings. Now drawing the “beauty mark” on his face, that is a different story!

    Terry Delaney’s last blog post..Adopt a Seminary Professor

  18. Tony Kummer says:

    We’re being overrun! I guess Ron Paul is still in the race, which is better than my first few choices.

    We just had an interesting conversation with our 15 year old foster daughter. She has no clue about politics. We were explaining why we like the red team over the blue while watching the returns on CNN.

    The conversation turned to abortion. I was really surprised how little she knew. I had her read Abort73.com and I think she is very very very pro life now.

    The whole conversation reminds me how important we teach our young people about this. Praise God for Abort73.com.

  19. Jenny Clark says:

    Well – if I had to choose between Obama and Clinton (which I think was the question right?) I would choose Obama because his health care plan doesn’t require every single American to be a member, whereas Clinton’s does. Thus with Clinton – you don’t have the freedom of choice when it comes to your personal healthcare – you would be forced to be on the government plan. That is way too much government involvement in my life! Of course – I won’t be voting for either of them….

    Jenny Clark’s last blog post..$10 eat out list UPDATED

  20. Scott says:

    Its a bit depressing to see the available choices.

    Do I choose the candidate that wants to kill unborn babies or the other candidate that wants to kill unborn babies? Favors homosexual marriage or the other candidate that favors homosexual marriage? Socialism or communism? Says what is necessary to placate evangelicals while courting anti-Christian votes or the candidate that openly mocks my beliefs?


    Scott’s last blog post..And the Glory of the LORD

  21. becky says:

    I go back and forth between the two.. but my issue is that if Hillary goes up against McCain, then he could end up winning in the end… which to me, is NOT a good thing.

    I’m still undecided between the two though, which is ok.. i have time to decide.

  22. This all looks so strange now looking back on it from ‘the other side’ – especially the poll results!

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