Poverty & The Girl Effect

Today is blog action day, an informal push to get social media buzzing and raise awareness of global social issues. This year is about poverty. As Christians, we should be very concerned with all forms of suffering. At the same time we must work for the ultimate restoration that comes via the Kingdom of God.

On SBC Voices, I’m posting an article to challenge Southern Baptists to revisit their commitment to Gospel-centered efforts to relieve hunger.

What About The Girl Effect?

There is much to write about poverty and the Christian worldview. But here, I’ll assume that as background material for now. What I want to talk about is The Girl Effect. Take a look at this video and their agenda, then let me know what you think? Practice your worldview analysis. What are the merits and downsides to this approach to ending poverty?

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8 Responses to Poverty & The Girl Effect

  1. Jason Adkins says:

    Interesting that the solution to world problems invovles casting off husbands!

    Jason Adkinss last blog post..So, What Exactly is the Purpose of the Lord’s Supper?

  2. I think what blows my mind more is the stereotyping that is involved here. It seems to me that they are thinking about the single-mom on welfare here in the States more than the third-world country woman they claim to be talking about.

    I am not sure, but why do we always think that humans can get us out of the mess we made for ourselves?

    Terry Delaneys last blog post..The Ministry of Sidewalk Chalk

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  4. Adam Winters says:

    Sounds to me like the solution to the world’s problem really hangs on a cow and its milk.

    The strategy?



    Adam Winterss last blog post..Nintendo meets the WMU: SBC Convention Retrospective

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    @Adam Winters: Spoken like a true Southern Baptist!

  6. Adam Winters says:

    You know it, Tony. Have any idea where I can score some coupons?

    Adam Winterss last blog post..So Obama and McCain walked into a dinner party…

  7. Is this a guess-the-fallacy game?

    Are these the same people who would complain about missionaries messing up the “purity” of the cultures of the “noble” indigenous peoples around the world by “making them wear clothes, go to church and sing hymns”? Far be it for any to tell another people how to live. This video looks like social engineering by giving little girls everything they need to grow up to be the dominatrices of their local economies. Those evil little boys don’t deserve that sort of opportunity, only the angelic little girls.

    Appealing to the viscera rather than the cerebellum unfortunately works more often than not.

    Jim Pembertons last blog post..Festival of Tables 2008 – Part 8

  8. James Briggs says:

    I think that it is interesting that the girl is spoken of here as a victim only and not responsible for the situations of her life. and that all these things can be solved by giving her a cow to raise.

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