Prayer Request from a Middle Eastern (Home) Missionary

I received this email from a missionary preaching the gospel in his home country in the Middle East.  I have removed the names and geographic locations to protect the Christian man in need of prayer.  Please pray.  The closing prayer request is left in so that you may know how to help if the Lord moves you to help in another endeavor by the missionary writing this letter. 

Subject: Fear of terrorists

Greeting to you and to the heart cry family in the Name of JESUS.
______ is the name of the man that I sent to ____ to evangelize in the area where he was born and raised.  This is what he reported and this is his second week in [country].  Knowing that ______ is of a moslem background, he was not allowed to share his testimony in front of the church for the fear of terrorists.  ______ took some of his friends and family to church for the first time.  It is unheard and unbelievable to them that Christian people are acceptable to God or allah. Their Book is corrupt and they should become moslems to become acceptable to allah. Many pastors received threats and moved or are not accepting moslems in their church for the fear of man.  ______ is in desperate need of prayer knowing that he might be shot at, because he became a born again Christian.

Brothers, I beg you to take our urgent request seriously, please pray for our brother in ____, that the Lord will protect and use him for HIS glory.

Please support Heart cry Beirut with a lot of prayer, we are in the process of printing 10,000 (N.T) bibles for the cost of $6500.  Please pray that the Lord will provide the funds for us to do that. Last Sat. evening we gave out 400 bibles N.T and many tracts in the beach town of Byblos.  We were received with great joy, God is giving his word success.  His word will not come back void.
Thank you for your prayers.

Your brother,


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