Racism, Christianity, and America

Racism and Racial Diversity In The Christian Church

Racism Topic Archive by Billy Graham (10 Essays On Racism)

Elect from Every Nation, Racial Reconciliation Won’t Happen If We Don’t Take Ephesians Seriously by Paul Kjoss Helseth (Touchstone Magazine Article, September 2007)

Don’t Waste Martin Luther King Weekend by John Piper (Blog Post, January 2008)

The Church, Embracing Grace and Racism by Scott McKnight (Blog Post 7 part series, September 2005)

On racial diversity (or the lack thereof) in our churches by Strange Baptist Fire (Blog Post, July 2007)

Biblical Antidotes To Racism by By Ronald Kalifungwa (Reformation 21 Online Magazine, 2006) Christianity and Racism by Rusty Wright (Probe Ministries, 2003)

Divided By Faith & United By Faith by Bryant Owens (Blog Post, January 2008)

Racism vs. Gracism: Pastor David Anderson has a radical remedy for our nation’s racial ills interview by Edward Gilbreath (Christianity Today, October 2007)

Are There Really Different Races? by Ken Ham (Answers In Genesis, November 2007)

Defining Racism by Justin Taylor (Blog Post, January 2005)

The Biblical Offense of Racism by Douglas M. Jones III (Center For Reformed Theology and Apologetics)

Is Your Church Open To Ethnic Groups by Les Puryear (Blog Post, March 2007)

Racism and Racial Discrimination In America

Video – Martin Luther King “I have a dream” on YouTube 17+ minutes

Racism In The United States on Wikipedia

The Day Racism Hit Home by Dara Fisk-Ekanger (Boundless Online)

Racism, Justice and Taking Sides by Gregory Koukl (Stand To Reason)

The Plight of Black Men — Another Warning by Albert Mohler (Blog Post, March 2006)

Racial Reconciliation ERLC Resource Page

MP3 – Does Racial Diversity Matter? on the Albert Mohler Raido Program hosted by Dr. Russell Moore with guests: John McWhorter and Eric Redmond (June 2007)

What Causes of Racism and Racial Discrimination?

Stereotypes, Generalizations, and Racism by John Piper (Desiring God Article, January 2007)

The Ascent of Racism by Paul G. Humber, M.S. (Institute For Creation Research)

The Roots of Racism: A Conversation with Alex Haley by Scott Ross (The 700 Club)The Roots of Racism by Mark Ross

Racism, Current Events, and Cultural Engagement

Nooses and Evangelical Race Consciousness by Anthony Bradley (World On The Web, October 2007)

Hometown Hatred and the Gospel of Inclusion by Timmy Brister (4 Part Series, September 2007) See his helpful resource page on racism.

Racism Today Part 1 and Part 2 by Les Puryear (Bvlog Post, January 2007)

Kramer’s Sins—and Ours: What society and the church can learn from comedian Michael Richards’s racial tirade by Edward Gilbreath (Christianity Today Web Article, November 2006)

When Is Abortion Racism? a sermon by John Piper (Desiring God, January 2007)

Imus, White People, and Frustration by Reid S. Monaghan (Blog Post, April 2007)

In Defense of Ron Paul: Newsletters, and Heroes of the Faith by Hank Balch (Blog Post, January 2008)

There’s Nothing Funny about Racism by Richard Land (Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, November 2006)

Southern Baptist Convention and Racism

31 Resolutions On Race Relations Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

Mp3 – Martin Luther King Jr. Speaking At Southern Seminary in 1961 by Said at Southern

Why Southern Baptist Say “Amen” To Rosa Park by Dr. Russell Moore

Are Southern Baptists Racist? and A Response by Les Puryear (January 2008)

XV. The Christian and the Social Order: The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 by the Southern Baptist Convention (emphasis added)

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