Reflections For The Holy Weekend

At the center of the Christian story is one week in Palestine around 30 A.D. It was the turning point of all human history – God was keeping all his promises and reconciling the fallen creation to Himself.This weekend we remember and celebrate the week that everything changed. It is fitting that we post a mini-roundup reflecting on the meaning of the Holy Weekend.
Dr. Russell Moore, The Eulogy of Eastertime
Dr. David Sills, Traditions
Trevin Wax, It Is Finished
Jared Bridges, The Good In Good Friday
Michael Spenser, The New Commandment
Joshua Caleb Hutchens, Maundy?
Alex Leung, Praying, on the night Jesus was betrayed
Jerry Johnson Live, Good Friday-Resurrection Special
Alan Cross, For God So Loved The World . . . Thought On Good Friday

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More Resurection Links From The Roundup Redactor

Sean Gould presents resurrection reminders from John Piper.

Trent Hunter

Dustin Benge shares Good Friday meditations from Murray, Boice, Spurgeon, and others.

Reid Monaghan blogs about Easter and March Madness happening simultaneously. But will he survive Blog Madness??? (May not make the cut in the South Division)

Dr. David Sills shows the dangers of syncretism. Pagan fertility symbols such as eggs and rabbits have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Trevin Wax gives us a “best of” moment by resurrecting last year’s Good Friday post.

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