Reflections On Seminary Life With Owen Strachan – Podcast #8


Owen Strachan is not your typical Southern Seminary student. He came to Louisville from Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. where he served as an intern under Dr. Mark Dever. He now serves as an assistant to Dr. Albert Mohler. And I should mention his father in law is the brilliant Bruce Ware. All this explains why Owen is both thoughtful and humble.

I wanted to hear Owen’s unique perspective on Southern Seminary. He will graduate this December with a Masters of Divinity. You can read his blog Consumed. Here are some topics we covered:

How did you come to Christ? What is the Gospel?
Why did you come to Southern Seminary?
What’s it like to work for Dr. Mohler?
What have you liked about Southern?
What have been your disappointments?
What advice would you give incoming seminary students?

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7 Responses to Reflections On Seminary Life With Owen Strachan – Podcast #8

  1. Doug Smith says:

    Tony & Owen,

    Thanks for this interview. As someone just beginning in seminary, I found that it addressed some of the things that I am thinking about and provided helpful advice. Owen, may the Lord bless you with much joy in your relationship with Him and service to His church.

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  3. I recently examined the gospel message preached in evangelism by both Peter and Paul, compared to what many preach today.

    The result is on my website:

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